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  1. I was going to say hey stop fooling us, we all know thats a real truck! lol awesome looking reo
  2. how bout a drivers side full shot of that thing?? Looks real good
  3. I like that dodge cant even tell you shortened it, Looks good and gave me a idea on how to shorten my lonestar.
  4. The Name Extreme Madness comes from the fact that a 2011 lonestar will set you back between 130-180,000 dollars to then build a pulling truck out of one would set you back another 150-200 grand so to build one you must be extremely insane and have a heck of a job lol, I figure if i cant build the real one, ill build a smaller verison
  5. Idea im tinkering with of maybe building, Twin stacks, full fenders kta-600 cummins powered lnternational Lonestar Modified pulling semi, give me your input and if this is your truck sorry just wanted to play around and get a few ideas please dont hate me. I would have to add full fenders twin stacks pulling hitch weights etc but its a start (Done on paint)
  6. Well this is the 4th time i have attempted to pull this model kit off and i think this time it actually will get done, plans include a fully wired engine, transmission blanket, blower hold down and maybe a few other goodies, also glued the top main hitch to the frame so the hitch wont break when hooked to the sled, still a work in progress but is slowly coming along, sorry for the crappy pics my digital camera took a dump on me
  7. Wow that is a sweet Magnum but now you have no room for the amp guitar surfboard ladder and 12 2x4s LOL
  8. got a few things painted and wanted to do a test fit to make sure everything fits right and looks like it should all fit properly
  9. Well lets see if the 3rd time i can actually finish this thing!
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