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  1. What is Hamb? All of these cars are gorgeous. That green elcamino & the chevelle’s are awesome.
  2. Another one that I lost interest in is this 69 Talladega. Pretty much finished it except for some chassis pieces.
  3. EDIT: everything has been traded.
  4. Moderators: This post can be DELETED.
  5. Icemancollections on eBay has some great quality turbos
  6. Want to trade for this kit. If anyone has it PM me what you would like to trade for.
  7. Florida Highway Patrol used these in the early 2000’s. Using a junked revell Kit that I picked up at a show for $3 & a couple aftermarket decals/parts, I made this.
  8. I’ve done some significant body work using bondo and Milliput on a body. Painted it and the paint didn’t come out right so it needs to be stripped before recoating. Will purple power or any variant of it , destroy the Milliput or bondo while stripping paint?
  9. Paint is Tamiya Gunship Gray which was closest to the Mopar “Destroyer Gray”. The blue interior idea came from a custom Jeep Trackhawk I found. The taillight panel, wheels, grill, brakes, spoilers , dash and motor are aftermarket pieces.
  10. All the kits in boxes are complete except for the Super Stallion which is missing the motor / tires. The bodies pictured are either what you see or have the remainder of their parts in bags. The white plastic in the last photo is the complete “box” section & lift from the AMT delivery Truck. I will NEVER build the plane or motorcycle so If anyone has any car kits to trade for those that aren’t on my list I’m open. Looking For: Revell BMW 320i Military Hummer 1/24 60’s-70’s Cadillac 53 bel air Ford starliner Revell 66 suburban Revell AAR / 7
  11. all the engine detail is amazing.
  12. T-Bolt came out great with all the mods. Ive also had some issue with the one-coat white lightning color. Ive tried it over a silver base and a white primer base. Even with the white primer base I had to lay on more coats than usual of the white lightning to get it to look uniform across the entire body. Anyone else?
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