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  1. Not being successful here, so thinking I'm going to pull it and move to a selling forum on FB.
  2. From their 3D prototype some years back, the tock HT was to be a 64 and the racing version a 65.
  3. As regards a modern LS7, there is no 1/25 kit of a 2014-2015 Z/28, only a transkit from Plamoz that is well over $100. The Gen 6 Camaros and C7 Corvettes use a LT1 engine (3rd use of that designation) which is a refinement of the LS engine, but different plenum (plus 1:1 is direct injection). The Revell 2010 Camaro has a good LS engine (LS3). But the biggest concern is what type of intake you are seeking for your project. The Revell ZL1 Camaro uses an LSA which is supercharged but a less detailed engine. The Corvette kits are all transaxles and, I believe, all dry sump versus wet sump. T
  4. No thanks, not doing any more 1/12 and definitely not a Porsche.
  5. Could be silly putty or a variety of paint masking putties.
  6. Correct. Sometimes some adjustments are made, mainly new decals and perhaps tires. Box art can also change, but that is a packaging factor, not molds.
  7. As I am thinning the herd, I have two model kits I decided to let go. One is an extra Hasegawa 250 Testa Rossa kit and the other is the HRM Cobra Coupe. Before I move on to other venues, I thought I would see if there is interest here.
  8. I have the one I posted above, open but complete.
  9. I am going to have a tough time wanting to buy another GT40 kit given my build rate and what is already in the stash. In fact, probably going to trade off a few
  10. On the 61 Impala how did you do the Chevrolet letters on the hood?

  11. Interior getting close to being done. I’ve worked on getting the spare tire and seats finished so I can assemble the roll cage. I used some ribbon and PE parts to tie down the spare to its it mounting in the rear. I then went after the seats. Tamiya supplies decals for the seat belts, carbon fiber, and seat markings. Instead of using the Tamiya Carbon Fiber (CF) seat back decals, I used Scale Motorsport which came in their detail set for the Focus. There are 3 CF decals per seat. I also applied the 3 Sparco seat markings from the Tamiya decal sheet and a seat manufacturer tab fr
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