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  1. Absolutely not. I will gladly cover the cost of mailing as well. I see you live in the opposite direction of where "Brokenwood Mysteries" is filmed. A show we very much enjoy. I will PM my address.
  2. I had a few decals for the Tamiya 1/24 1999 Ford Focus WRC car go bad when applied. I have tried looking for replacements but the kit is long out of production. I could try to recreate the three that went bad, but am hoping someone built this with a different livery and may still have the decal sheet in the parts box. This is the sheet I am seeking
  3. Mail Call from yesterday. A little eclectic, perhaps. Looking at the E-type, it looks like the passengers are renderings of Sean Bean and Diana Rigg
  4. The original does have a battery in it. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10439639
  5. I'm in the same boat as you. I will use different clears, TS13, Testor Wet Look Clear (still have some left), Mr. Hobby Gloss, Scale Finishes 500 Clear and soon to experiment with Vallejo Clear. I WILL NOT use 2K for the reasons you stated. I have seen some 2K paint jobs that looked like the model was dipped almost like the end result of decoupage ( I like your donut glaze analogy better). Use of the above allows me to tweak the shine to reflect the model. Shinier for a show car, less so for a stock car. I admit, besides polishing, watching out for decals can result in calamities at time
  6. This is what the Revell instructions show I can check the kit to verify, if needed
  7. While waiting to redo the decals for the GeeTO and start the clearcoat on the WRC Escort, I got back to doing some details on the 69 Pace Car. I added the Smog (AIR system) and power steering pumps to the engine. Revell only provides the alternator, and a 396 CI 375 HP engine would have required these as well. Since solid lifter engines such as this 396 and Z/28 couldn't have air conditioning, I didn't add any. Still crafting the plumbing for the AIR. That orange wire you see in the photo eventually will be the dipstick. On the dashboard, Revell did provide air vents for the de
  8. Off the top of my head, the newer version AMT 70 Monte Carlo has the horseshoe shifter, but I would have to check the box to see if there is a decal associated with it. Can do later. Ray's decals offers a 69 Camaro Sheet with center console decals. The consoles for the 68 and 69 are very similar if not the same He has posted here. Not cheap, but good quality https://rayskits.com/decals/
  9. Revell 49 Mercury sedan has Cady hubcaps. Not sure if an exact match but are 1/25 scale (Internet pic, not mine)
  10. Let me check. I MAY have a parts Revell C5 Vette which has a separate transaxle.
  11. Off the top of my head, the closest I have seen to a motor for EV is the Revell BMW I8 (which is a hybrid). The LaFerrari is very specialized on hybrid ability
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