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  1. Love it! It'd make Lee Iococca proud, too! This was one of those kits I'd wished would be issued in 1:25 but would be too obscure to be viable. At least Lindberg was willing to take a chance on it along with the Cordoba, Thunderbird, and a few other 70s era barges. You've done it justice!
  2. Excellent point, thanks! I don't have the '87 kit for comparison but I see the battery placement in the '85 is different than the '89, and the Formula has a separate battery to accomodate the intake hose. By the time I borrow parts from two or three different kits it might be best just to drop the bucks on the original '87 kit. I appreciate the insight!
  3. Beautiful build! The original Gone in 60 Seconds is among my favorites, and a few times I got the urge to build one along with some of the other cars seen in the movie. The unmarked Montego police car and the light blue Satellite that got t-boned on the test drive are among some that I thought might be interesting to build and replicate. You've done great work pulling it all together for this build, and it's a delight to see it!
  4. polybius


    Wow, very interesting subject matter and great detail work! I'm a fan of the color choice as well. Very nice work!
  5. Great color choice! The grille detail is very nice and I like the interior details as well. Nice job!
  6. Excellent! I love these full size 1980s sedans and always wished the kitmakers would offer more like them. You've done a great job of capturing the look, well done!
  7. Great color scheme on this and nice details!
  8. Very nice, and great lightbar! The black and chrome trim all around the car can be tricky but you nailed it! These Crown Vics were so plentiful back then but now they're rarely seen, and it's great to see one built so nicely. Well done!
  9. Thanks so much everyone, I appreciate the comments and the stroll down memory lane! As a kid in the 80s I built the '85 T/A and '87 GTA but they came out as gluebombs and ended up unfortunately like most of the F-bodies of the era in a scrap heap. I remember being excited to have gotten a nice grey metallic finish from a Testors enamel rattle can on the GTA, but couldn't wait for the paint to dry before globbing it all together in a matter of hours. By then the paint was smudged and the tube of cement was empty. Fastforwarding a few decades, the plans are to build all of the '82-92 Monogra
  10. Stunning! It's great to see one so accurately built and well done. The color, finish, and details are spot on and one is tempted to get in and drive it away!
  11. I've seen only a few of these built and it's refreshing to see one especially so nicely done! Great job!
  12. This '89 T/A Turbo is the third in a series of 3rd generation F-body Pontiac builds that started with an '82 T/A and will end whenever I build the last one. I'm less a fan of GM F-bodies and more a fan of 80s Monogram kits like these. I had two of these kits on the shelf and one will be converted to into a GTA, so this one got the box stock 20th anniversary V-6 turbo livery. It was going to build it with the Indy Pace Car door markings but around the time the paint was drying I looked at the decal sheet and saw there were no Indy decals. Then it hit me that it was the AMT version that came
  13. Thank you everyone! All of the comments are appreciated! I started work on an Oxford White '89 XR7 to make it a trio, but keep getting sidetracked with other projects but hopefully it'll be off the bench soon. Regarding the back-up lights, the kit's once-piece clear red unit has the appropriate recesses for the slots. It would have been nice to have a clear unit to start with, but a thinned wash of Vallejo flat white filled the recesses and the slick nature of the clear red plastic made easy work of wiping off the excess. Besides the aforementioned reflector buckets, the bird logos we
  14. Great looking build! I agree with kelson, simply beautiful!
  15. This build just rolled off the bench with a sordid past. I've been a fan of Rustoleum's clear gloss lacquer so I set up two bodies to paint for an experiment using Rustoleum's gloss black lacquer. I'd used it on trim pieces and as a basecoat for metal finishes, but hadn't been brave enough to hose it all over a carefully prepped and primed body. And so it went. One build received primer and only the gloss black lacquer, and the other build received the same treatment except with an additional step of several typical coats of the clear gloss lacquer as clearcoat. The result of the experiem
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