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  1. Here are pics from another message forum site in which someone is building the drag version of the kit. http://wwwboard2.spotlighthobbies.com/cgi-bin/bbs62x/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=321611
  2. Oops, my bad. I thought he was referring to a regular roof.
  3. I agree. No need in casting an up top, if a few months down the road the hardtop is coming out. Easier to just do that than body working a roof on.
  4. You mean the Steaker is coming out?
  5. Here is the May Round 2 Product Spotlight video.
  6. Maybe a Dick Landy 68 Coronet R/T or 71 Dodge Demon?
  7. Very true. I run into the same thing too. There are those that are so set in their beliefs that there is nothing one can do to convince them other wise. You just keep moving forward. The way I look at it is whatever way Round 2 got the Chevy ll to be released ie; reverse engineering, 3d prototyping, etc; I'm glad they did it. What an opportunity this has been , which in turn could open the doors to other kit subjects we thought we would never see again. We could very well see the MPC 68 and 69 Pontiac Bonnevilles, 68 and 69 Coronet R/T, AMT 67 and 68 Ford Galaxies, AMT 68 Fairlane and o
  8. I read on FB that Round 2 is planning on releasing the MPC Galloping Ghost ll kit. Is there any truth to this? Anyone read or hear anything about it? Has anyone built this kit back in the day?
  9. Same thing going on with the motocross dirtbike models The Roger Decoster and other bikes are going for good money on ebay.
  10. Is Moebius still moving forward with the Chevy II for a release this year?
  11. Wanted to see everyone's opinion on the success of this kit. Maybe it's a little early, but looks like this kit was well received. Don't know if it's been sold out but there were many buyers on this one, with some buying more than one. Probably will take some time for Round 2 to determine if it generated the revenue they wanted.
  12. Most definetly the 67 Galaxie hardtop. And add to that the 68 Coronet R/T.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on this Casey. It's impressive how fast Round 2 is getting these oldies to market. I hope this trend continues.
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