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  1. Is this just a reissue of the drag car Polar Lights Mr. Norms car that was a out a few years ago, but with the Hot Wheels theme?
  2. I don't build dragsters. Looking at the parts that will be included ; looks like I will be getting this one. Could be a good seller. Anyone else agree?
  3. Box art or not I'll probably be buying one. Box art is not make or break thing for me.
  4. In reference to your last sentence; I think sooner or later we will see the 68 Coronet come out again. Like the 64 Cutlass and 63 Nova wagon were the molds/tooling was either refurbished or reingineered for those to come out, I beleive the same thing can be done and will be done for the Coronet to be back. Are you asking too much? I seriously doubt it. Round 2 sees the success Cutlass and Nova wagons and will probably follow suite with other oldies that we have not seen in decades.
  5. Anyone going to turn their reissue 64 Cutlass kit into the Streaker drag car.?
  6. Someone recently mentioned about using the frame and chassis from the AMT 66 442 W30 kit. Looks like those parts fit fine. Maybe the only thing to do is cut down the two screw posts that are at the underside of the trunk on 64 body. Here are pics.
  7. Duplicolor engine enamel clear dries to a touch in a few hours.
  8. Yes. Will work over other enamel and laquer paints. I even used it over decal paper to seal it. It is not a hot clear.
  9. That is very good clear. Lays down very good. It's not that thick. Far superior than other clears. You give it a try. Experiment with it.
  10. I stopped using Testor's paints years ago. I only use the Duplicolor paints that you can get at Advanced, Auto Zone, etc. Duplicolor engine enamel clear is an excellant clear. Give that a try. You'll like the results.
  11. I would say why not. It's a part of the kit that came in the box. I would do it.
  12. I thought the same thing. The 68, 69 Coronets, Chargers and I beleive the 70 Chellenger kits had the U-haul trailer. They look like the same trailer. Maybe someone can post pics of the AMT trailer and MPC U-Haul trailers next to each other for comparison.
  13. Is that the same U-Haul trailer that was also used on the MPC kits from the late 60's through the early 70's?
  14. Well, if Round 2 does the same thing they did with the 63 Nova wagon and 64 Cutlass to get those out, we could very well see these two again. Now, we have 3d printing to make this possible. Round 2 does have both kits in their archives.
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