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  1. OK, I have your street address; here's mine:  Jeff Bolthouse, 4486 Brookmere Dr. SE, Kentwood, MI  49512.  I will get your package out today or tomorrow.  Jeff

    1. gbtr6


      Thank you, I'll try to get mine out in a day or two.


  2. Message sent. Bugatti is complete. Thanks, Perry
  3. I have a Revell 34 Ford coupe, and a Bugatti. Either of those for the Porsche? Is it the Revell kit? Perry
  4. I have a Revell 34 Ford Coupe, with a Hemi, sprint car tires, and a Maisto Suzuki GSX, in the box. Let me know what you have. I am open to anything pretty much. Would like an AMT 57 T-Bird, 60 Starliner, 55 Nomad, 65 Galaxie. Could be built, or builders kits. Thanks, Perry
  5. Sounds great. I do see the grill is different. Thanks! Let me know your info Thanks, Perry
  6. Love the Jag and the GT 40. I also have a Monogram I believe, BMW 635 CSI, good shape, complete, project kit, glass good, some paint. Take a look and if you like trade those for the Jag and GT40? Or if you want more, I like the Mercedes too. I have a couple other items if you need more. Let me know. I have this Bugatti complete nice shape, nice kit, the Nazca, complete project, nice v12 BMW motor, good glass. Also, a Suzuki GSX Maisto in the package. Or, a Revell 34 Ford, with a Hemi, and sprint car rear tires. Thanks, Perry
  7. Great. Have you got any common AMT's, 60 Ford Starliner, 65 Galaxie, 55 Nomad, 58 Impala? Partials or part builts good. If you have any foreign stuff, Ferrari's. Let me know. I even do 1/43. Perry
  8. I have a Mercedes, but it's the Revell Premium 300 SL-24. It's a pretty nice kit, take a look. It's complete. If it's of interest, let me know. Perry
  9. I think I have a builder kit. I'll look. Perry
  10. No problem good luck. Perry
  11. I have these. Let me know if you’d want them. Perry
  12. OK, I received a 68-72 Corvette kit, thanks Dave (ewetwo). That will be my start. Now I need a 74-75 body at least for the front fender vents and Endura front bumper. Preferably an AMT 1/25 scale. I know, I probably should just get a 73, but they are expensive. I figure I can cut the bodies just ahead of the front doors, or just graft the nose and vents on the one I have. We'll see. Thanks, Perry
  13. gbtr6


    Forgot I have this 34 Ford kit with the wide tires too. I'll try and get a better picture. Perry
  14. My neighbors car, the burgundy one, is a bit of a resto-mod. Outwardly stock, some suspension work, not sure what. The engine is a stroker 383, 750 cfm 4 barrel, aluminum heads, headers, supposed to be good for 500 or so horsepower. Sounds like it. They also added a 5 speed. Perry
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