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  1. I have this unbuilt Suzuki Hayabusa to trade. Looking for basic kits, sports cars, F1. Let me know what you’ve got. Perry
  2. Looks nice. Saw a bunch on Trans-Am cars last weekend at Road America. The Javelins were the class of the field, fast. Perry
  3. Very cool. What color will it be? Perry
  4. I have these big slicks too. Anyone want these? They are 5/8” wide, 1/4” sidewall, 1 1/4” diameter. Not sure what they’re from. Perry
  5. Mike, They look like the picture Kevin posted. Let em know if you'd like them. Perry
  6. Would the big sprint car tires work? I have a set. Perry
  7. OK, here's what I know. Of the 10 + kits I have, there are a number of them that have the same size, or close. The most common one is 9/16" wide, 1 1/8" diameter, and 1/4" sidewall. They come in the Williams FW 13B, McLaren MP 4/4, and 4/5B, probably the 4/7, 4/8 as well, Jordan 191, Benetton B192, and B188, and Lotus 99T. The ones in the McLaren M23 are 1/2" wide, 1 1/16" diameter, and 3/16" sidewall. They are the same as the Lotus Mk III. I also have some on the NASCAR tires. They are 1/2" wide, 1 1/16" diameter, and 1/4" sidewall. Let me know if you want the NASCAR ones, I have a set of 4.
  8. Thanks Zen. You are correct. My mistake. Perry
  9. OK, I went down and took a look at a couple of my kits. I have most of the Tamiya 1/20 F1 kits. They did make a couple of Indy car kits, which I don't have. I'll have to take these out of the plastic, and get some measurements of them. They vary more than I thought. The Lotus 99T, Braun, and Benetton are good, but the Lotus Mk III is lower profile. Here is a sampling. I didn't find any loose ones unfortunately, but will look further when I get a chance. Perry
  10. I have this Snake rear engine dragster I’d like to trade for a plastic kit. Nothing rare, or expensive. I’m just not into diecast. What have you got? I believe it’s 1/25 scale. Perry
  11. I’ve tried to contact the original poster and not heard anything. Also PM’d, nothing. Hope they check back sometime. Perry
  12. A possible source could be built ups on ebay. I am into F1 and have a lot of these kits. They didn't all have the same tires that you seek. I know the McLaren M23 tires are a lower profile. You want the Lotus Mk III, and the Wolf primarily. The Ferrari 312 T3 are also low profile. I'll try to look through mine and see if I have any stray tires, and show the differences. Perry
  13. Are you interested in trading? Let me know please. Thanks Perry
  14. Did you get my PM? I am interested in the Foose Impala and the Nova SS. I don't have the Testors Garage. Let me know what you may want for them. Perry
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