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  1. Not sure yet, hoping to be in the main room on the far right wall.
  2. I'm going, will be set up as a vendor with a friend of mine.
  3. The front engine rumors came from the fact that the E-Vette (electrified corvette) has an engine/motor in the front to drive the front wheels.
  4. My prediction: After reading every bodied wants, wishes, dreams, and fantasies of what they think/want this announcement to be I'm predicting..... Disappointment! I have no advance knowledge, but everyone is dreaming of the moon and no matter what is announced it won't please 99% of the modeling community.
  5. I'm looking for resin replacements for the tail lights and twin scoop hoods for two 70-73 Formula Firebirds that I'm trying to resurrect. I saw the items as part of a set at Reliable Resins, no response to two emails asking if they would sell individual items. Looking for any sources you might have, anybody have anything?
  6. I am looking for steel wheels and caps for a Pontiac project I am working on, something close tp the picture attached. Wanting 15" or 16" steelies and the Pontiac poverty caps. Anyone have a source for these?
  7. Did you paint the #2 car, and if so what color/paint did you use? I've heard both pearl white and straight white as being correct. BTW - nice builds!
  8. I remember reading some place about the time Nascar tried to measure the car, only to find out it didn't match. Smokey told them go find a car i the parking lot and measure it. They found one in the front row of the parking lot, measured it and found that it matched Smokeys car, so they let him pass on and race. As it turned out the car in the parking lot was a "plant" and Smokey had modified it to match the race car. Tricked 'em again!
  9. Al of them are great but I'm lovin' that Simca!
  10. Hello! I didn't realize this thread was still getting comments. I didn't have any problems, but I put the engine in the chassis then put the floor section with the fender wells over it. I flexed them a bit and it all went together without fuss. Len C.
  11. We're submitting an article to MCM concerning further detailing for the stock car, which will include additions to the markings. Len C.
  12. Now lets look at a picture of the car that inspired Bills’ project: In many ways Bill chose a tougher road to go, as duplicating a race car can be difficult when there are so many people who may be familiar with the subject and may nit pick over details. Here’s Bills’ result: Here are five views of the finished, out-of-the-box build of the Revell 1950 Oldsmobile as driven by the late Buck Baker during the nineteen-race NASCAR Grand National season. This was the first year of this series using the GN moniker that was in place until the early 70’s when it changed to Winston
  13. We’ve made it to the end of this build. Good thing it wasn’t a contest to see who finished first, Bill had me beaten by miles! We both started this project with specific cars we wanted to duplicate, so lets see who came closest to their goal. We’ll start with my car. What I wanted to duplicate was this basic color combo but with a different upper color. Here’s my inspiration: And here’s my result: I really like the two tone combination of maroon over creme. As you can see the overall proportions look spot-on, and give you the feeling of looking at a full size car. The
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