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  1. Thanks, it is scratchbuild. I have the same surname with Korkut but i'm not him His website is www.korkutvarol.com, it may help. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for all the comments, the project is over now .
  3. Thank you all for your comments! @Tom, I'm really glad to help you remember them old days, i hope i'll be able to make the car look alike.
  4. Thanks for all of your comments. This is weekend work :
  5. I have started to this project by inspiring great modeler Arsen Rostomyan. In this project, i am converting 2 doors sedan to a "4 doors". My goal is to built an 50's Istanbul cab, which is a part of my childhood. See Mr. Rostomyan's work: Click here
  6. Congratulations on a very impressive model
  7. @doggie427, bryan_m, David G., Kaleb, H.A.K, Johnny1973, Danno. Thank you all, i appreciate it. I cut a thin strip from rubber sheet and i used double sided tape to paste it. Thanks, i used flocking powder in the same color as the car. It's because of the population maybe I think it will be all over in weekend. I'm adding the recent images.
  8. Thanks for all of your comments A little update.
  9. Thanks for all the comments, i usually produce the chrome parts on the model myself. I use Corel Draw and some other programs for the drawing part, and I use plotter for making chrome foil stickers. Some examples below :
  10. I made it myself, i drew in Coral Draw and i printed on chrome foil.
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