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  1. This is one of the better paint jobs I`ve done so far. So, I heed you'll advise and not clear-coat the body. Now with that said my final question is... 1) Will waxing the body protect the decals from airborne dirt /dust and oily finger prints. 2) Do you good folks have any suggestions on a good wax for my project that wont yellow over time...some of the decals do have "white" as part of their background color.
  2. Life events had keep me away from the workbench for the past three years, however the pandemic has freed up my time and I`m returning to the several stalled projects that have been laying idle. Hence, I have two questions. 1) One project in particular was shot in MCM red enamel. I had wet sanded the orange peel out and was waiting for it to dry/cure before clear coating. Three years later, upon pulling the red body out of retirement I see that the enamel laid down real nicely and all the parts have a nice gloss sheen. Upon discovering this I`m wondering if I need to clear-coat the body.
  3. Exceedingly nice..I truly dig the color choose!?
  4. Stumbled upon this one on Pinterest, thought it was one bitching ride. Maybe someone with more skills than I have at possess at this moment may want to take a stab at it. Thanks for looking.
  5. I like the way this is coming along..I`ll have to follow this build! P.S. By the way is this your inspiration of this build.... https://www.thedrive.com/news/29379/dodge-charger-daytona-pickup-truck-rendering-fulfills-our-wildest-muscle-car-fantasies
  6. Is there a kitted deep sump oil pan for the 426 Hemi?
  7. Freaking outstanding build!
  8. My finale Jeopardy answer is "What is Grotto Blue Metallic, Alex." 1968 Camaro Paint Charts and Codes
  9. A 1969 428 CJ sounds like an interesting and intriguing project! I`ll be following this one. BTW is that the AMT `69 Mustang kit you are build from?
  10. After watching several of the car restoration TV shows I noticed that when the body goes to paint it was wiped down with a "'anti-static" solution or wipe to ensure the body is free of all contaminates and dust before shooting any paint. Are there any auto-body 'anti-static" products that could be employed in the 1:25 world to ensure the body is free of contaminates and dust before shooting any primer or color coats. What are your best practices to ensure a clean dust free surface before priming or laying down a color coat.
  11. The best detailed ones I`ve run across were kitted in the AMT Baldwin Motion 70 1/2 Camaro. Hopefully, you can score a set from that kit. Just an FYI.
  12. Are the decals your looking from this kit.
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