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  1. In 1:18 scale, MotorMax makes two versions of a 1932 Ford Five Window Coupe. Their Coupes have steerable wheels, rear sprung suspensions, opening doors and large wheels in the rear and smaller ones up front. The interiors have a "rod and piston" gear shift lever, a bench seat, silver-rimmed gauges on the dash and a chrome-accented steering wheel. Both Coupe bodies are "cut from the same cloth", apparently from the original mold, and are, in essence, identical except for one major difference. And that difference is huge. One body has no hood and an exposed, well formed engine. The other b
  2. This 1:24 Maisto 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS 396 was purchased at WalMart as a result of a strange situation: the model was on the shelf in a new 1:24 scale MotorMax American Classics 1970 Chevy El Camino SS 396 display box!!! I took the item to customer service where I was informed that the item would be sold for half price if I wanted it. Since the doors appeared to be sealed (they were, in fact, painted shut) and I wasn't exactly sure what diecast brand it was, I offered one half of their one half. So for two fifty, the project car was mine. The paint was so thickly applied that with my finger
  3. As per the original 1960 Monogram 1/24 kit less the display box, the instruction sheet, and a few other missing parts, this stripped-of-paint and completely re-built 1923 Ford Model T Roadster features the original solid rubber tires and the body separates from the chassis. Kit included tuned exhaust, blower drive, sling seat, dual quad carbs and some pin striping decals. Since almost all the parts were original and in good shape, this lessened the work of getting the rather delicate chassis assembled. The oversized tires had greyed and hardened with age, yet an application of a 1:1 tire dres
  4. Very nice work on the lights. Love the 2CV.
  5. This is a modified 1:18 scale Maisto 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that was "saved" from a local thrift shop. It was in dire need of a front wheel and tire. In addition, it was missing the rear bench seat, the whole top and back side coverings, both side mirrors, and one hood latch. I had no appropriate wheel and tire to fit it, so the only alternative was to use the spare mounted on the rear tailgate. The wheel's configuration was such that with a spare knuckle (without a bearing) from my parts bin, a little drilling would allow the wheel to rotate and be properly aligned too. Another big pro
  6. When there was an opportunity to pick up a couple of these diecast 1997 Ford F-150 trucks for less than five bills each from Big Lots a few years ago, I thought that they would be great for modifications (a flatbed, perhaps) and aftermarket parts at least. The 1:24 scale model is a 2004 Funline Muscle Machines 'Monster Garage' "Tree Shaker" release. The 1:1 tree shaker featured an 800 Lb. shaker head, a 10 foot diameter canopy for catching fruit and/or nuts, and a motorized conveyor belt. The 1:24 scale model has steerable front wheels, opening doors, retractable canopy, and the shaker he
  7. As a kid, I was always excited each September or so to see the new model year cars being offered. I anxiously looked forward to the yearly automotive introductions to disect how the new cars differed stylistically from the previous years. Those were the times when there was real, honest-to-goodness creative styling. 1957 was a special year in that there was a new Ford model that was both a hardtop coupe and a convertible in one! The 1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner was one of the first cars, if not the first one, to feature a retractable hardtop! SunStar did a remarkable job in rendering their 1:18
  8. Another pre-owned model of an orphan 1955 Chrysler Imperial by Signature in 1:18 scale that was found at a thrift shop intact except for a missing hood ornament and both iconic gun-sight tail lights. Signature issued the Canyon Red and white model in 2003. Tried to locate a pair of stock tail lights, but didn't, and ended up making facsimiles from the 1:24/25 plastic parts bin. Hood ornament replaced with the head of a straight pin. The stock model features carpeting, a full spare in the trunk and nice engine bay detailing. Notice the air conditioning vents behind the rear window. This was
  9. This is an out-of-production Jada 1/24 scale 1953 Chevrolet tow truck that I picked up at a thrift shop a few weeks ago. It looked quite good except it was missing its steering wheel and column, windshield wipers, side mirror, both turn signal lights, both door handles, both rear service lights, one taillight, the front bumper and all the tow rigging, hardware and one complete arm of the tow lift. The tow lift arm and all the accompanying hardware was scratch built and I apologize for any and all lack of authenticity and functionality. It was a fun but challenging project and definitely worth
  10. BEFORE :::::::::::: Found this 1:18 Maisto Ferrari 348TS at a Goodwill store for four bucks. The windshield was badly scuffed in one place, one front strut broken off and missing as well as both front wheels. There was no front axle, no steering linkage nor a gear shift lever. Also missing was a windshield wiper, passenger-side mirror and the spare tire/wheel. AFTER:::::::::::::: Windshield scuff removed with a number of rubbings with toothpaste. A bamboo skewer worked nicely for the missing front strut. St
  11. It took over 50 years, but.... In the early 1960s my late and older brother Ted and I built some custom car and truck models. Ted was the creative genius behind the design and execution of these models. He gleaned many ideas and concepts from the emerging hot rod and custom car magazines that were being published at this time. I have always wanted to complete a radical Ford pickup truck that he had started building back then to pay tribute to his skills, creativity and imagination as this truck emphatically epitomizes his work. Originally, the top was vented and chopped, the bed was ch
  12. I had no part to play in the original "custom" job.
  13. This 1:24 scale 2002 Cadillac CTS sedan by Jada came my way at a yard sale for a mere two bucks. Yes, there were some issues with the paint having some scratches and nicks and there were a few missing parts. However, the model really appealed to me and still does after its "upgrading". Actually looks better in hand than in photos, too. The interior seats were painted, carpeting was added to the floor, and front turn signal and running light units installed. A custom rear wing was fabricated out of glossy black laminated card stock. Out back, a custom high performance exhaust extension hooks
  14. Welly's budget 1:18 scale 2001 Chevrolet Suburban, measuring eleven and five-eights inches long, has many desirable features. The one in particular that looks attractive is the hollowed out chrome tail pipe. Another is the spring suspension system on all four corners. In total, the model is fairly basic in most repects; however, those basics are fairly well done. I took the liberty to blacken the wheel wells and blacken the inside of the exhaust pipe to add more realism to the model. Thanks for looking ......
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