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  1. I would just leave the logo off of it, I like the bottom half.
  2. Touch tone terror from above with no pic, never saw a green one.
  3. Why does the dash look like a piece of plywood? Photo from Casey’s review.
  4. That’s more parts than I would expect. I may just snag one. Thank you.
  5. I saw this 1/35 Packard on Ebay, never heard of Roden. Anybody have 1 to show?
  6. What is a “popper”? Never heard of that before.
  7. Saw these on Stevens site, not sure what a Popper Pinto is. AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1146 1/25 1953 Ford Victoria Hardtop w/Coca-Cola Machine $34.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1166 1/25 Popper 1977 Ford Pinto w/Coca-Cola Machine $35.95 TBA
  8. You’re probably right, I knew I saw an AMT box before.
  9. Saw this on Stevens International, any thoughts?
  10. Anyone have an original and a reissue to show pics and compare?
  11. I totally forgot about the tan one, the red one is the one I have.
  12. I have the ‘70’s Connoisseur Classics issue, they didn’t have the bike or gang buster parts.
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