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  1. ......WOW! Amazing build....the engine is awesome!
  2. Very Nice....Are those the Hobby Design TE37V's? Also what did you use for the lips / barrels for the wheels?
  3. Well it is definitely my cup of tea....Love It!!! Your work is always amazing. One question...what size are those TE-37s and what did you use for the barrels? I would love to make a set like that. Thanks!
  4. Did you custom build the front lip?
  5. Love the Work Miesters....where did you get the deep dish barrels for them though?
  6. Beautiful.....absolutely amazing. I desperately want those wheels? Please let us know where you got them.
  7. I'm looking to get into diecast and modify them to my liking. My question is...where can we get parts for 1:18 diecast cars such as wheels, racing seats etc. I see plenty on ebay for 1/24 but not much for the 1/18. Is there a good source for upgrading wheels and other parts?
  8. Looking for Sparco and/or Recaro decals for race seats. The white lettering decals. Where can I get these. I've thought of trying to make my own but there is no way to print white lettering that I'm aware of. Any ideas of where I can find these?
  9. I want to spray Tamiya TS-74 Clear Red over a gold base both from the rattle cans as I don't have a airbrush. Is there any tricks to spraying the clear red in order for it to come out nice? Has anyone used this color before?
  10. What did you use here for the fuel rail? It looks like styrene but is it square or hexagon and what size is it?
  11. Love it....is the 2JZ from the Tamiya Supra?
  12. Great...thanks! One more thing...How do you get the black window trim so perfect? I have used sharpie markers and also tried masking and painting as well but the borders don't ever seem to come out as good as yours.
  13. Love it....and I love that stanced out look too Steven, so your not alone! Just wish they made this kit with an engine... Question: What size Pegasus sleeves are those and are they the Pegasus tires (they look like they have a stretch look to them)? Are they the 23" sleeves both front and back? Did the BBS wheels from Model Scientists fit into the sleeves perfect or did you have to add styrene? Love the look!
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