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  1. Thanks for showing an interest fella's. Cutting the roof was going to be a bit tricky. So I used a technique I learned from building gundams which made the process easy. Started with some scribing guide tape. Layed it out where the roof was to be cut. Loaded up a 0.1mm scribe and went to work cutting the roof. Spot glued back together for a mock and to work out where to proceed next.
  2. When I first seen this kit when it was re-released recently, my thought's straight away were what a great candidate for a ute conversion. So sourced a couple kits from Model Round Up, then thought about it for a week as to how to approach things and how I was going to build it. First things first pick some wheels. After deciding the wheel's, they were fitted to some new 2mm brass axles. Then the ride height was roughed in. Still need to tweak the front and level things out a bit. Just how I like them, Low! Worked out how I
  3. Couldnt help but have mess around with a recently acquired kit. Bought it for a lazy quick build (thats if I can restrain myself, by not getting carried away) with an idea already in mind. Just a rough mock to check the ride height and see if the idea works for me. Very surprised at the quality of the pre paint especially being black, few scuffs and marks, but overall pretty good. Thought the mold lines would have been an issue, but thinking I can live them. Just needs a fine and finish compound polish, wax, some bmf and then build it up
  4. 2 International orders arriving same day, very happy about that. Model Round Up order. Only really wanted the Nova Wagon, but somehow the rest fell in the cart as well. Plaza Japan order. As always stocking up wheels and again a few kits fell in the cart as well.
  5. Very happy that the kits arrived today. Pre ordered them April.
  6. Started with an Aoshima kit. Wheels Full bumper delete with custom roll pans, Modified front to resemble hidden headlight and modified the rear and fitted Nissan Laurel C130 tail lights. Painted the usual Tamiya TS-14 black, polished with Tamiya fine, coarse and finish compounds. Waxed with Meguiars NXT.
  7. After a long hiatus, finally managed to get some time spent using compounds and wax on this stalled build.
  8. Model Round Up order. Re-stocked my stash with wire wheels and a few other sets. And a couple kits.
  9. Very impressive RM chopper, well thought out colour scheme and detail work.
  10. Good start. Hard part out the way. Very enjoyable kits to build the Aoshima LB Works series.
  11. Agree, thats what I like the most about Aoshima kits and their wheels. Very easy to interchange between kits and adapt wheels to other manufacturers kits Cool idea, good to see the steering wheel on the right side for a change. Surprising how similar they are, another good change over idea. You'll be right mate, wont take much to sort it out and make it fit. Interested to see what other details you work into the build.
  12. Very interesting idea you are planning for this build mate. Always cool seeing something different. Really like the look of the Yayoi's under a Camaro. The Skyline over fenders did fit up well, but those C1's are perfect for the look you are going for. Also the S20 engine fits in with the style and will fill out the bay nicely. Going to be fun seeing how this one turns out.
  13. Mocked up the sunny, seems I can never wait after getting a body painted, have to always see how its looking.
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