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  1. I have what I think is a 1960 Pontiac Convertible. I don't know much about these cars, but it's missing the windshield, frame, and hood ornaments? Other than that it seems to be intact under a heavy coat of metallic purple. Not sure what all these cars had. I'm guessing it might look good with the paint stripped. I don't know what it's worth, but if anyone wants it, I'm into Porsche's or maybe other German kits or built-ups. If you're interested, let me know.
  2. For a few years, some of the Ag/tractor dealers here in central Texas have sold these for farm and ranch use. I've even seen a couple of them tagged as trucks for road use. Not sure how they managed that, but I'd love to have one. Now they're switching to those side by side ATVs.
  3. Over the last year I've bought three Otaki 1/24th Porsche 911s at reasonable prices and they seem pretty well done for the time. I was wondering if anyone knew about the company or what happened to their molds. I'd really love to see the 911 reissued and even more, I'd love to get a copy of their Cheetah for a price that wasn't painful. Every time I've come across one of those it's in the $200-$300 range.
  4. I came across a website with some interesting stuff and wanted to ask if anyone has ordered from them. https://offthesprue.com/
  5. I've got a collection of mostly Monogram 1/24 Porsche 911s and for some variety I'd like to do one with a right hand drive dash. Does anyone know which if any companies produce a 911 with options to do RHD?
  6. Maybe I should get one and bring it full circle by putting the body on a battery powered R/C chassis!
  7. AMT is re-releasing the Dodge van a lot and this grill would be a good alternative.
  8. Nothing really for me in this batch, maybe next month. I've got several of the previous boxing of the Pinto, I couldn't tell if there was any difference between the new and old issues. Anyone know? Another question, is this the MPC kit or the AMT one? I'm wondering if the round headlight front parts will fit on the MPC Pinto wagon.
  9. Come on, AMT or Mobius please make this van in 1/25th scale!
  10. Steve Zimmerman on Facebook has some nice looking wheels and tires. His are resin with Pegasus tires, I think. I've bought from him and they were great. I think he sells under the name Zs Wheels, but not sure.
  11. We're currently watching the Marvel movies in order and now I feel the need to build a Toyota 4Runner like the ones in the Black Panther Korea scenes. A search doesn't show a kit of this era 4Runner. Any ideas?
  12. Courtesy of Walmart and Hobby Lobby's 40% coupons I have lifetime of the late '70s Ford van sitting on the shelf. I really hope Mobius will do the early 60s version. They're part way there with the drivetrain and frame from the pickups. I had one of the MPC versions a long time ago but it was 1/20th scale so I traded it.
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