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  1. thank you for your reply. Will look for some of the USC Icing.
  2. good tip for the humidity. Bought a small ceramic heater and tested it in my booth. Think it might work.
  3. thank you all for the information. Don't know how to reply to individual posts? Got to do a little with create acrylic airbrush paint this weekend. Like the easy clean up and low low fumes. Not much done between rain showers. Did try a chart of booth temp and humidity. any ideas how to lower humidity? Its been about 60% with the rain were getting.
  4. was thinking pf that, also wounder if those thick poster boards would be similar?
  5. first let me say thank you all for the replies. I was really pumped up to get started airbrushing. Thinking with knowledge of painting full sized cars that it would help. Gotta think small now! time this past weekend was a disaster turned learning lesson. Used spray can duplicolor grey primer earlier in the week. Paint day was maybe too cool to started too early at 63 degrees. Sprayed house of kolor orion silver that was ready to spray for an airbrush. It sprayed beautifully at 30psi. Let it sit about an hour and it felt dry. Then topped it with some autoair candy 2.0 blood red, same psi. Wow
  6. thank you all for this information. will be testing, learning this weekend.
  7. teaching myself airbrushing. Got some premixed house of kolor basecoat colors, silver and sunset. Any idea what air pressure rang would be good. Paasche gravity feed talon airbrush with .66 tip. Thinking maybe 35psi?
  8. been a while since ive posted. I'm looking for a nice under $200 (new or used) airbrush for house of kolors paints. really like my Paasche talon but it cloges up too much when using microflakes and some pearls. I cant get any larger tips or smaller flakes so I'm looking for another airbrush to use. Have a mini HVLP gravity feed paint gun but its too large for doing models. Thanks for the input everyone.
  9. great tips and ideas so far. Don't know how to thank each reply so thank you all so far the advice is great!
  10. hello all, been a while since ive been here. I build mostly and slowly 1980s dirt late model cars. Been wanting to try making mmy own decals as well as scanning some NASCAR kit decals to make some custom decals. What is the scanner, printer that your using? Looking to keep my cost under $150 new or used is fine. Any recommendations? Have clear and white waterslide paper already. Thank you for your help. Drew
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