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  1. Nice updates Tommy. Your right that trailer will look good behind it.
  2. Built the frame today and added 22” scale inches to it to allow the dump body to fit. Here’s the mock up checking to make sure I added enough to the frame. I’ve got one of the modified exhaust stacks from the DM 800 kit that will route it out from under the dump body. I’m also going to have to raise the dump body a little bit to it’s resting on the top of the cab now. Here’s what it looks like.
  3. Nice start James yeah I hate it when you get bad paint. I’m like you to I have an old original and a new reissued kit but my new one is missing decals and I’m waiting for Round 2 to send me some.
  4. Thanks Jeff. I’m going for the day 2 look to match the rest of the fleet. I read Stu’s WIP and picked up that the wheel spacing was off so yea it was a quick change to make.
  5. Thanks Bob, I like to change my builds between cars and trucks. Thanks Jim Thanks Lee Thanks Stu I would like to see yours finished to you have it looking good. I didn’t realize that the spacing is incorrect on the rear wheels until I checked out your build. I’ve corrected mine also today and more work on the dump body.
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