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  1. Richard thanks for sharing your knowledge I should of done more research on my roll bars before I started. I did end up using 0.08 rod on the #48 Cuda roll cage. My project has evolved into my first diorama build that is in the WIP Diorama section. If you have any recommendations on my diorama I’m open to making it as realistic as possible.
  2. Thanks Roger I’m having fun with this.
  3. Hakan no problem I appreciate your comments
  4. David awesome details and amazing how you have been able to evolve your diorama over time. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.
  5. Thanks Hakan I sometimes have problems with my colors and I should of gotten some help when I was picking out the paint colors for the truck.
  6. Thanks Andre, I’m going to have Swede Savage’s Cuda also finished in a couple weeks waiting on wheels.
  7. Thanks Jeff, check out my WIP AAR Cuda race pit in the WIP Diorama section I’ve got more updates there.
  8. Thanks Mike for the information on the HAMS show glad to see that it’s going to take place. I may take you up on visiting one of the meetings. Thanks Dave Thanks Carl.
  9. Your off to a great start Douglas! Looking forward to seeing you build this one.
  10. Started painting the guys.
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