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  1. I agree, everyone thinks they are entitled to a fortune for a piece of junk. If you look at an item Ebay start sending you emails hyping it up, trying to get you to jump and buy it. It's no longer the place where you can find a like minded individual who would appreciate your unwanted niche item and put it to use for reasonable fee, but a system for extracting the maximum amount of cash from people for what is a lot of the time, junk. I'm sorry to hear the troubles sellers have had and it's a shame a useful tool has over developed its model [no pun intended]
  2. Amazing stuff sir, not like Lego I had when I was a kid.
  3. I look forward to following this, it's amazing how many little differences there are between a US and a European skeletal trailer. Mind you, I haven't seen a spread axle set up like that kit for decades, everything inn the UK is triaxles now with super single tyres and adjustable frame lengths. I Americanised the 1/32 scale ESCI 20ft container trailer a while ago, which was interesting. Look forward to seeing your progress!
  4. I built this truck years ago and wouldn't have thought to narrow the body, but now that you mention it, it makes tremendous sense. The truck will look much more muscular.
  5. That just looks so real! Congratulations on a great truck.
  6. Impressive work on the cab, what a great looking old truck!
  7. The level of detail is fantastic! You could spend forever on this one truck. Looks brilliant.
  8. I think I was a 20 year absentee and am still trying to get back into things. Looks like you're doing a great job on this project anyway! You'd never dream you'd been away!
  9. They were just these things, I've never seen them before and probably won't again, but at least I know I'm looking in the right area. I use the middle section from the top.
  10. Thanks Jim, they add weight I feel. Looks heavier, adds gravitas!
  11. I'll add this to the WIP too, I'm trying to add the little things that make these snappers more realistic to the eye. Something I've wanted to do is the airlines for the trailer. Using garden tie-wire coloured black with a Sharpie I have formed the air and electrical lines, then either draped them over a convenient crossbar or made myself a pogo stick out of stock plastic tube of different diameters. I still can't replicate gladhands but they all look better. The yellow Mack has the livery of a Liverpool UK company on it so I used the old English three line system for that, all neatly st
  12. All work pretty much stalled on things because the mother in law had a stroke to add to her Alzheimer's and schizophrenia. Try untangling that lot in an 89 year old brain, you can't work out where one illness ends and another begins, so it's been a turbulent month or so. Anyway she's stabilised in hospital now so life is a bit more settled. Been looking at the Trailmobile and regretted painting the whole thing silver. Always intended to do the chassis and underfloor in a grey colour. I don't know why I didn't. I had already bought the paint so I masked the box off and then DROPPED IT ON
  13. I've made my fair share of pig's ears over the years but I find the most frustrating thing about trying to build any kit now is that I drop everything. I'm sick of spending 50% of my modelling time with my head between my knees looking for something on the floor. At 57, putting your head between your knees isn't easy either! Its good seeing other mistakes though, makes me realize that it's not just me.
  14. It looks grand! It's longer than the kit chassis but not overly much. Looks like something you would see on the road in the day.
  15. Looks great mate, very brave on the masking for paint on the cab, I just can't summon up the courage (or the patience) to jump in and mask stuff off, too scared of ruining a job. This turned out fantastic. Well done!
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