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  1. Thanks for clearing this up for me everyone. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Ken. So basically the Dyno Don car is the only one with a correct looking grill? I do have a couple of these grills, but they look exactly alike. I did build the Dyno Don car a while back, but sold it, and now I can’t compare the two. I’m pretty sure the two I do have are from the first two S/S kits though. I wonder if the Impala convertible kits are also the corrected grill?
  3. “What you see is what you get” Yea... it’s sounds so cocky...for a seller.
  4. Fantastic job on this old Mopar. Perfect in every way. Nice to see a slant six in there.
  5. This engine looks amazing. The smallest details are perfect, Steve. Can’t wait to see this completed. BTW, what kind of magnifying visor are you using? I have one with just one flip lens.
  6. What a beautiful muscle car build Gene. Perfect.
  7. Nice start Ray. I started this kit, but a friend wanted to buy my project. Not a HUGE AWB fan, so I sold it to him. I have three more I’ll eventually start sometime. I’ll be following yours.
  8. I’d kindly ask the seller, or any seller for that matter, for more pics. If they can’t comply with a simple question, I’ll pass. I saw this auction yesterday and I saw it as a 70. I just kept scrolling. I always watch what I bid on very carefully, because anyone can slip a newer issue body, or other parts, into a vintage box, and sell it. Old styrene is way better than the junk they mold kits in today. And if I’m bidding on a vintage kit, I have this crazy way of thinking, that I should get what I’m paying for.
  9. Dry brushing is a really nice technique to use when detailing suspension parts, and engine parts. It doesn’t give that “brand new” show car look, but it looks realistic for a driven car, IMO. The rear springs, and other suspension components were dry brushed with silver enamel over semi gloss black on this 63 Plymouth Fury.
  10. Ive read that the AMT 62 Dyno Don car has the "corrected" grill, as compared to the previous two S/S Bel Airs. Does anyone have both grills that they could please post a pic of them showing the difference? It would be much appreciated, as I only have grills from the two previous Bel Airs.
  11. I know she dated Robin Crosby of Ratt. And he had AIDS and eventually died from a heroin overdose. I’ve read she had DUIs and was busted for cocaine in the past. Not saying that’s her cause of death, but that lifestyle will eventually catch up to you.
  12. Another icon gone. Whitesnake videos, rock and roll lifestyle. No word on the cause of death.
  13. My wife says the same thing. She noticed that the collection slowly grew over the last year. My problem is, I’ll see a model I want to build today, buy it, then it will sit there for a year. I guess they call that a procrastinator? But I am getting better. Sometimes I look online at kits, and say to myself, “why am I even looking... I have every kit I’d ever want, and I don’t have the room anymore”. But currently my carpal tunnel, and my back issues are keeping me away from building as much as I’d like to. I know I’ve said it before, but my goal is to finish the fifteen started protec
  14. I’ve built many Ford Thunderbolts, and still have a couple in my stash. Other models I might only have two or three of the same kits. I’m to the point where I don’t have the room to store one more kit. So I can admit I’ve gotta a little out of control over the years.
  15. Been away from the bench for a while. I have the time but sometimes certain ailments keep me from building as much as I’d like. Well, anyway I did accomplish some work on the Dart. Painted it Tamiya Italian Red, and waited over a month to lay down some Tamiya clear. After three days, I polished the body out, to remove some crud that got into the finish on the trunk and roof. I’m planning on adding foil tomorrow, and hopefully getting around to final assembly.
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