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  1. Thank you for the replies. Scott, I bought the license plate decals from Slixx. They have the Red Alert decals complete on two mini gasser sheets.
  2. I bought a kit from Pittston Pa, which happens to be only eight miles from me. It took over a week to arrive, and according to tracking it went to four other Pa towns, and left the whole state before arriving. Now I used to drive tractor trailer, and other delivery vehicles for over 25 years, and that is NOT the way it’s done. Just sayin
  3. That’s because there is a clown running the postal service. It’s been terrible ever since he took over.
  4. Been working on this Chevelle and remodeling the basement bathroom. Finally got one of them done. Amt Chevelle with the Revell 69 Chevelle chassis. The decals were a bit challenging. I still want to go over them with Micro Sol to see if they can look better.
  5. ProTech has etched bolt and nut heads and fittings. .020, .030, .040. With the bolt side, or the nut side can be utilized. Also small fittings with a center hole for brake lines, fuel lines, etc.
  6. Shoot me a PM with your address and a 64 flat hood is yours.
  7. Very nice. Excellent detail work. May I ask what racing harness and buckles you used?
  8. Harts Parts is one way to go, but just remove them yourself for free. I did a pro street build of this car a few years ago and removed them from mine with no problems.
  9. Revell and Amt 67 Chevelle pro street kits are a good candidate for this project. Might have to adjust the floor pan to correct the wheel base. These also have the tires, rims, and the associated other parts. Plus a BBC engine. Another kit that can be sourced is the AMT pro street nova. This kit will have a SBC. But it’s a smaller floor pan so it might be better suited for the Camaro you mentioned. But like mentioned above, simply back half a Camaro kit that has the BBC would probably e the easiest route.
  10. Good point. Great info for some beginners, and advanced builders. Vinyl and enamel are a no-no. Also when I use some of Protech’s braided wire, I actually forgot that simple rule. As I stripped the braided part off to expose the wire, and it’s insulation, I just so happened to paint the insulation with enamel chrome paint, to replicate hard line, and it didn’t dry. Every thing I touched had the paint all over it.
  11. This is from a friends vantage point. Blown away!!! IMG_5533.MOV
  12. I just saw them in Philadelphia on Wednesday. After attending 70 or 80 concerts in my life, I do believe that nothing will ever compare to what I witnessed Wednesday night. Rammstein is definitely a tough act to follow. I’m still upset that I couldn’t get a tour shirt though. The lines were ridiculous. Tried the line three times, but I didn’t want to miss the performance. Then at the end of the show the shirts were all sold out! Never had difficulty getting a shirt before. I guess that’s what happens when a band doesn’t tour the U.S. often. I’d go see them again today if I could.
  13. Just as Steve stated, mostly all tire lettering, white walls, red stripes are flat on the 1:1 cars. If I decal, use gel pen, or paint, tires, I usually mist the finished tire with dull cote to take away some of the sheen, if it doesn’t appear flat enough.
  14. Glad it’s working out for you. These were painted Vallejo white first, and followed by Vallejo red. Since they are water based, a Tamiya pointed swab with a bit of water wipes any excess off. It definitely helps to thin the paint a bit, so it will flow into the grooves easier.
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