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  1. Thanks Steve, and Frank. I ordered that set from Forward. Not very tall looking. After cleaning up between the runners, and adding a spacer between the intake flanges and heads, it should sit a bit higher.
  2. Does anyone know of a caster that might have this type of BB Mopar intake available? Been searching everywhere to no avail.
  3. Thanks. Mine was being used as a Ford 300 also. Had my sights on a promo, but it got away. Keeping tabs on another. The one I was working on got cracked while setting up a new PC monitor. Now I’m thinking, maybe I should have let the monitor fall instead of allowing the body to get broken. I had so much time invested into this project, I just don’t feel like letting it sit. Fingers crossed.
  4. Very nice build Jason. The interior looks fantastic. Attention to the details paid off.
  5. Looking for the resin 1/25 63 box top Galaxie that was designed by Ed Flunk, (Drag City).Just like the one in the picture. Maybe someone has one in their stash. I have kits to trade. Will consider trading a more rare, valuable kit to get this body casting. If you have this one and would like to discuss a trade, PM me. Thank you.
  6. eBay is a big joke anymore. With idiots trying to get 4-5 times what kits are worth, and then you factor in what ebay is now pulling with the sellers, I have their app deleted off my device. I’ve also noticed there seems to be a lot less traffic on eBay as compared to the past. I think they definitely lost customers recently.
  7. Not boring at all, in my opinion. These are some of my favorite types of cars to build, and see being built. Fantastic job on this one, John. Everything looks correct, from the undercarriage, to the tires and paint. I understand that many builders don’t like to build more than one model after they build it. If there are decals available for five cars, I say build them up. Your 62 is a perfect representation of those old, cool, super stockers of yesteryear. I have another resin 62 in my stash, that I still am undecided on how to build it. Choices, choices.
  8. I had a post somewhere on here a while back, where I bought two sheets of the New Improved Chrome, and when it arrived, it was so wrinkled I couldn’t use it. I returned it for a full refund. Someone suggested I buy from BMF directly, and I got regular chrome instead. I’m thinking I should have just kept the wrinkled sheets already.
  9. I bought two sheets a month or two ago, and in simple terms, they suck. It seems like the foil is a bit thicker, and when you peel it off the backing, it gets a wrinkled texture, that doesn’t smooth out after applied. Leaves the model looking like the trim was severely scratched up around the windows. If I can’t get the “improved chrome” anymore, I’ll just hang it up until it’s available again. This Impala has the foil mentioned. If you zoom in, you can see the texture on the trim above the front driver side wheel well. It looks terrible. I don’t like it at all.
  10. If it’s not one of your better efforts, sure fooled me. This is one fine model build. Super clean details. Looks VERY realistic.
  11. Here is a link to a members build that might help you in your modifying the wrecker bed. Excellent build with good info here for anyone wanting to make the wrecker look correct. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103348-amt-peterbilt-359-california-hauler-wrecker/
  12. Looking fantastic so far. The engine detail is perfect. The improvements on the interior really work well. These Moebius shifter handles look like they would be larger than a softball in scale. The Tamiya Bright Red you plan on using always seems more like an “orange” shade to me. Maybe it might look more red with a darker primer under it?
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