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  1. I'm looking for the Front Inner Wheels(Part 71) from a Beretta Pro Street kit? I actually need a few sets of these so if anyone has them please let me know.
  2. Duncan thanks for the nice words and following along. It's funny that you posted today. I've been working on finishing some the small details. I did get the chassis painted and together and the engine is installed. I'll take some pictures in the next few days. Mike.
  3. I'm looking for 1 or 2 pairs of rear wheels(rims) from a Revell Mysterion 1/25 kit.
  4. Thanks for the link. I just looked at it and the rears don't look any deeper than the ones that come in the Batmobile kit.
  5. Can you post a picture of the Thunderbolt's Radir wheels? Which company makes the 64 Thunderbolt?
  6. Does anyone make accurate Rader(Radir) wheels for the Polar Lights 1966 Batmobile? The wheels on the real car were more of a deep dish.
  7. What's the best 1966 Batmobile kit? The Deluxe kit has the photoetch parts and options for the V8 and the Jet Turbine engine. However the other kit has resin figures that look like Adam West and Burt Ward. Is there another 1966 Batmobile with the PE, Jet Turbine engine and the newer resin figures or are these the only 2 options?
  8. Steve, Your '64 Pontiac Grand Prix looks real in this picture. Beautiful job.
  9. I bought the Grex Tritium.TG Micro Spray Gun Set with a .5mm needle. It's an awesome airbrush. I like the trigger and the fan spray cap gives a lot of coverage.
  10. I was just told that Grex updated the seal. What size needle do you use for car bodies?
  11. I was about to place an order for a Grex Tritium.TG but now reading this I think I'll pass. Are the Grex airbrushes still being made with the rubber o-rings or have they switched to teflon seals?
  12. I was going to get the TG5 with the .5mm needle. Would that be overkill for spraying clear lacquer? I currently have a Iwata Eclipse and use a .5mm needle when spraying clear lacquer.
  13. I'm looking at these 2 airbrushes: Grex Tritium.TG or GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-290 . They both seem similar and both have a fan spray cap option. I'm thinking one or both of these would be good for spraying bodies with clear. http://www.grexusa.com/grexairbrush/products.php5?id=Tritium.TG https://www.mr-hobby.com/en/product3/category_2/19.html I'd appreciate any thoughts or opinions on these.
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