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  1. Kmidd65

    Brett Bodine

    Sweet Taurus, really like it!!
  2. Kmidd65

    Rudd Tide Lumina

    Really nice job, so happy you stuck with it. Especially like the paint! Acrylic craft paints and an airbrush open up great possibilities due to the mixing of colors and easy clean up! You are brave using those kit decals. They really went down nice. Certain your dad will be thrilled. Thanks for sharing with us!
  3. Looks great to me! The front suspension on that kit always gives me issues. Thanks for sharing with us!
  4. Always a sharp Nascar paint scheme. Nice Job!! ?
  5. Appreciate it, J.D. I have been intrigued with the whole acrylic craft paint alternative. They really do work great as a base coat if you take your time and build them up slowly. I still use cheap Walmart primer or flat black/white paints to give them something to bite into. The key is sealing them in with something more durable. I have tried Acrylic Lacquers, Pledge (Future), and the Rustoleum 2x Clears. The Rustoleum has been my personal favorite, so far. Anxious to see what you painted? Great (cheap) alternatives and the ability to mix colors and clean the airbrush are great!
  6. You got your hands full, Neil!! Loving each one so far. Want to try one of the Salvino's at some point. Looking forward to watching the progression of these.
  7. Kmidd65

    Rowdy Burns

    Agree with the others, really cool!
  8. Never really thought much about it. I do tend to gravitate towards black! No wonder I never get anything accomplished...LOL! Appreciate it, Neil. Good to be back at the bench accomplishing something. Appreciate it, John. Just so you know, your T-Bird was the inspiration for this particular build. Always enjoyed seeing yours when you posted it up back in the day! I have this one and my Fina Lance models due to your inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us over the years!
  9. Enjoyed looking at every single model. Nice clean work on all!
  10. Really like seeing models of the old school Nascars! Really nice job on this one. Thanks for sharing with us.
  11. Kmidd65

    Chevelle stocker

    Reminds me of the dirt track late models that would run in Central Pennsylvania in the mid-seventies. Spent a lot of time in garages or at the track with my father back in those days of old. Appreciate your sharing! Looks great!
  12. Appreciate it, everybody. Happy to have this one out of the way! Now, if only I can keep at my other stalled project..Jeff Burton's Nascar Rocks! Taurus. Have not seen too many of those completed over the years.
  13. After sitting in the box about 7 years, I decided to get this out a month or so back and try to complete it. Viewing some of the Nascar builds posted on this site, I was inspired to get back at it. The back story on this one was that I started it about 8 years back and had a major paint problem while painting the body with Tamiya spray cans. At the time, I pulled out another body from a donor kit and gave it another go with some Valspar spray cans as an alternative. That also proved a total disaster... During that time, I had removed the paint from the original body (purple pond) and was
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