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  1. They cancelled back in the late Winter. The problem a lot of clubs have been running into isn't so much the Restrictions as it was venues weren't willing to take any bookings until they knew for sure they could actually hold the events - after all they spent a lot of 2020 refunding deposits Nationwide. They could probably actually hold the show in June as it stands now, but there's not time to rebook the venue and get the word out to make the event feasible. Our club's show in March was down to the wire yes/no when they decided to turn the venue into a vaccination site, and we didn't kn
  2. Be herein lies the problem of the Automotive part of the hobby. We never seem to ever put old kits "to bed" as it were. Both Revell & Round2 are guilty of having both the original & modern versions of their '57 Bel Airs on sale at the SAME time. Actually I think there was a point where you could have found all four of them at Hobby Lobby at the same time, and if not there, then my LHS has all four on their shelves still. Gotta keep in mind even for those people here who don't eat, sleep, and breathe the industry people using forums, FB, etc for information still only represent the
  3. That was a built production shot of the upcoming kit, the original was not a 442.
  4. Well no, after 6 years of doing a weekly modeling YouTube show I have all of that pretty well memorized, plus I lived through it like everyone else. My point was they can't use the Ertl name right now in 2021 as they don't own the trademark to it since Racing Champions/RC2 sold out to Tomy. Tomy still uses the Ertl name for all their diecast farm & construction equipment. So Round2 would have to pay some sort of licensing fee to Tomy to use the name. Also as others have pointed out while this is based on that Ertl 4070A kit, the entire kit from top to bottom, stem to stern is entirel
  5. Round2 doesn't own the name Ertl. That trademark (along with all the farm/construction kits) stayed with Tomy who still actively use the Ertl name within their line of dieast items.
  6. Was going to go to a show this weekend, but had a job interview run long (doesn't sound like I missed anything at the show), so I swung into my LHS since I was already in the same town.
  7. Picked one up yesterday and I have to say I'm a little non-plussed at the very noticeable sink marks on the trunk for the rear chassis screw mounts. One of them has so little substance to it, the trunk is almost see through at the screw hole. The under-side of the sunvisors weren't polished, so they've got wavy tooling marks, two ejector pins, and no engraved detail. My body also has some flash on the front under hood areas. Engraving on the door/trunk seams are very shallow, and the side molding that needs to be chromed is very weak. All of it is picking nits I know, but for a completel
  8. The Tools 2 & 3 are just remixed versions of the original "Tools" and "Tools & Garage" sets with some extra random odds and ends from other kits. The mountain bike can be found in a couple of their SUV kits from the 90s, as can the camping gear. None of it was being used anymore in the car/truck they were originally created for, so they were added to "freshen up" the 80s Era "tools" sets.
  9. You can have all the gas in the world, but if you don't have anyone to get it from the rack to the station it's pretty useless. There's never really an overall driver shortage, it's a where are they driving shortage. As mentioned a lot of drivers in petroleum, and especially food services were laid off. Those who weren't old enough to retire went to work in other sectors of the industry. Now with travel resuming and restrictions lifting people are using more gas and going out to eat (more or finally depending on where you live) and there's a lack of qualified drivers around to support it.
  10. I'd have to look at the kit again to remember which engine they put in. Having owned a LoneStar and driven about a half dozen ProStar/LTs I can't unsee the differences between the kits and real life.. But the LoneStar they made was a complete top of the line truck show demonstrator that had the Rosewood Hardwood floor interior with the full fold down couch. I've never personally seen that interior combination on a 1:1 truck outside that one I sat in at MATS in Louisville. It was something like a $20k upgrade over the base price.
  11. The original ProStar demonstrator had the longer cowl/hood combination to fix the big 13L MaxxForce engine. In the end they decided not to offer that engine in a primarily fleet application truck, and a lot of buyers chose to put Cummins power in as well which also didn't need the extra space. The MaxxForce was such a hot mess of an engine platform there was a class action lawsuit that International "lost" (that famous we're paying a pile of money, but admit no wrongdoing thing). The original ProStar test shots also had the prototype front bumper setup, and that was a fun little debate be
  12. If anything it should be a little longer than a normal ProStar because it's based on a prototype setup with a longer cowl/hood configuration that never existed in real life, plus it shares 85% of the contents with the LoneStar kit and that's a 262" WB.
  13. I presuming you mean LHD? The kit already is RHD. The metal transfers would have to be at least partially redone to reflect the Datsun 240Z name rather than the JDM Fairlady designation. From the looks of it, other than the standard nose parts, you'd just need a dash, center console and the wipers in order to do the flip, along with a new firewall to move the master brake cylinder, and steering shaft to the LHD position. You'd probably need a new steering rack part for the chassis too.
  14. The LHD dash from the U.S. Spec Datsun 240Zs that Hasegawa did last year might fit depending on how Tamiya goes about creating their interior. The kits do still come with RHD parts so you could conceivably take out what you need and pass the kit along as technically still complete.
  15. A standard ProStar (or LT) 6x4 72" Sleeper is a 252" WB.
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