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  1. All of the GTM Cobras (this would be the 2nd release) are based on the Sunny/Academy kit. They seem to have some sort of access to Academy's tooling since they also ran off some of those Accurate Miniature Corvettes that Academy has the tooling to these days.
  2. Yeah I was adding more to the reply when you got to commenting. 🤣 I also managed to quote myself instead of edit the post. Am I losing my mind or did the quote and edit button get moved around?
  3. It's the old ESCI kit this time in an Italeri box Well Round2 has pretty much no European penetration, so that release of the kit here in an AMT box was pretty much only for the North American market. Which was a weird choice since it was that ESCI GTi kit rather than the actual AMT Rabbit.
  4. Well I mean the easiest way to get Mr. Cardtable to buy another model kit (and this goes for getting kids into the hobby as well) is giving him something that he can actually build without a 5 gallon bucket of Bondo and wood planer. Revell for all of their body proportion errors figured out back in the late 1980s with the '69 Camaro and '32 Ford how to make new tool kits that actually could be built into the subject with a minimal amount of subtle urban warfare. It's why Tamiya kits, of all genres are so popular. It's part of why Bandai is rocking the world with their Gundam and Star Wars p
  5. Yeah, like I said in my post the fixed either the plastic consistency itself to flow through the mold better, or adjusted the top part of the body tool to improve the plastic flow. That's not really fixing anything as much as it is correcting a manufacturing defect. That's the exact same body shell, with the exact same chrome tree, and exact same window glass, so the roof was not "raised" as some people claimed was the "real" reason Revell stopped production on the kit. Frankly the error is even more perplexing given the fact the Roadster is out now too, and it has a separate chrome tree wit
  6. How do I know that? Because I believe I stated - lemme check, yep I did - Andy's no idiot. Nobody involved in this hobby who buys collections would ever buy one sight unseen without a complete and thorough inventory. How else would you even know what to offer for it? Beyond that without an agreed upon inventory, how do you keep someone who's selling you stuff from going - Yep it's all here *pats boxes* and the 50 most valuable kits are now AWOL - and nobody knows nothing about no case of '68 Coronets. 1,300 swap meet & NASCAR kits is a wildly different figure than 1,300 vintage promos
  7. Yeah we all did, and you know how long ago that was? It was so long ago that both of those kits were manufactured here in the U.S. That's how long ago that was...two owners of Lindberg and three owners of Revell ago. You know what wasn't fixed? The '69 Nova, the, '57 Ford, the '67 Camaro, the '70 Cuda, and famously the '92 Mustang to name a few Revell "DoN't JuDGe tHE TeSt ShOTs" gems. Moebius never dealt with their Mopars, the F Series or the Pontiacs which all still have same shape, proportion and fit issues as they did when we saw them the first time. I should point I understand
  8. I never said it wasn't the way it's done, just explained that's how it works. Collections come up all the time all over the place - it's a matter of being in the right place with the right amount of cash. If anything I'm just tired of the - Golly Gee Willicker Look What I "Found" - nature of it all. Andy comes off as this lovable almost bumbling character on YT, but he runs a successful hobby shop which means he's a smart and shrewd businessman. He knows EXACTLY what he bought down to the last box. All of these videos are doing is creating unnecessary fake drama. If the collection conten
  9. The biggest issue with JoHan kits are the ones that most of these appear to be. The USA Oldies Series which are all very late JoHan or Seville Industries era reissues. They tend to be missing all of the inserts for most of the extra parts by that time, most of them seem to be run in whatever color plastic pellets they both had left over from their primary molding jobs of making 1:1 car parts - so it's possible to get kits that are more than one color inside, in ways that defy explanation. Also by this time most of the molds were showing age and a lot of them didn't line up real well and the ki
  10. Moebius just made a Great Dane 53' Reefer trailer in both ribbed and smooth sides between 2012-2015. Granted it doesn't have air discs, but in my experience not that many trailers that are more than 2-3 yrs old are equipped with them anyways.
  11. People always say that, but I think the evidence has born out over the past several years that in fact WYSIWYG when it comes to these things. I can't think of a major retool that's occured from forum/public "outcry" in the social media age. The Ole stories of the 61 Impala and '69 Charger are from a previous age where you actually had to buy the kit, or rely on print media (SAe) to know what you were getting.
  12. ...interesting. The original ordering form for that said it was going to be Coors branded.
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