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  1. Love the front plate to match the subtle decal under the door. Nice focus shot with the usdm teg too, the scale discrepancy is barely noticeable I've ordered a couple of the new aoshima kit as well. Cant wait to make a stock version!!
  2. Very nice builds! I'm a Honda head myself and love your Spoon sports themed EK. The EJ and EM are really wicked too! Just getting back to the hobby myself and your builds are really motivating Are you planning on building some of the other Honda kits by Hasegawa, Fujimi or Aoshima? The EF is finally about to be released!!
  3. The civic has its fair share of dings and surface rust, I just put up one of the better pictures The Z28 is the 5.0 H.O model with the L69. But it now has a 350 with heads and a cam but not sure exactly what, 1.6 roller rockers, edelbrock intake, 3.73 10 bolt posi and exhaust work. The rest of the car is all original with around 60,000 miles Thanks for looking!
  4. I haven't been on the site in quite some time so I've decided to start with a post of some acquisitions since my last visit! My daily driver I bought last fall for super cheap; '95 Honda Civic with a b18b from a '98 Integra... And my project car that my father passed down to me as a gift for my birthday ; '84 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 with a couple of goodies!
  5. I'd definitely love to throw a k20 in this! That would be really cool of you Rob!
  6. What a beautiful 'Rari the 458 is... Can't wait to see more of this one!
  7. -I'm planning on putting an engine, I'd like to check out the resin 1/24 engines I've seen around but sure about them yet.. Either that or attempt making one. Not so much scratchbuilt but perhaps sectioning a 1/25, adding material and detail where needed.
  8. Ride height is looking good so far just need to continue removing some material and address the camber!
  9. - Same here, I have quite the collection going as well. Yes this is Revell's RSX. We'll see about this subframe, the dimensions are fine just the look isn't quite right yet. I worked on the front suspension this afternoon. Continued by removing material from the inner fender/wheel, some faux axles and then some more test fitting!
  10. Nice work so far! I always wanted to do an r33 as well. Any idea on what rims you're going with?
  11. Another honda/acura I have on the workbench at the moment. This is one of the first kits I built a few years ago when I returned to the hobby after having not built a kit since I was a child. I decided to take it apart and give it an overhaul since I've gathered some materials and skills since it was first built. So far I gave it a fast sanding, lowered the rear suspension and scratchbuilt a subframe brace and lower control arms. Any comments or criticism welcome. Thanks for looking!
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