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  1. what did you make the hub caps out of? did you turn them? got any close up pics?
  2. i love it dave keep the pics coming!!
  3. yea baby moons are the easiest to make they are almost flat. i know that pegassas makes aluminum rims for there tires and so does MAS, but it is cheaper for me to make my own AND i can chrome plate them so they are chrome and not polished aluminum. or i could platinum plate them. hmmmmm
  4. ok guys sorry its been a while here are some pics as to whats been going on. got 1 turbo made, engine compartment about done have to move firewall back though, rad and elect. fan done, and the heads were modified to be wider like the 6.1L hemi instead of the 5.7L. all thoughts and suggestions welcome. thank you for looking. and thank you for your input. Bobbyj
  5. clerrmont is about an hr. from me strieght up sr50 and without a license and a ride it would be hard for me to show up. as much as i'd like to go. ill see what i can do. would like to see some pics of the show i didnt get to make it up there i was turning rims for my dart all day. lol
  6. yea sorry about the pics. they look better on the scale auto forum. thread is labeled the same on there under street machines/ hot rods and street rods.
  7. ok been a while here are some update pics. rims are almost all done just need to turn some hubs and then plate them. what do you all think?
  8. without a lathe???? mmmmm i dont think so. not ones that look great anyways. hmmmmm maybe soooo try and make a "punch" if you will. out of a chissel or something big round and metal. I would try that take a piece of stock the size you want your moon cap and shape the end of it on a grinder and clean up the grind marks with a finner file. then lay your pop can (painted side up) on a piece of 2x4 or other comprable piece of semi soft matierial and hit it with the punch u made and a hammer. it should come out the shape of the punch then just trim the access. should work. it does in my head anyway
  9. Mr. show I have ALWAYS used lacquer paint and NEVER have used future on ANYTHING. I have always used dupli-color or plasti kote and never had a problem eating any of the plastic or making it soft. you do have to sand the whole body or at liest scuff it with a scuff pad of some sort. I use the grey ones sold at auto body supply stores.you also have to wash the car before you paint. you also have to spray at liest three coats remember lacquer shrinks when it drys so dont get to worried if it looks like your loosing detail wait for it to dry over night. 1:1 is good for any enamel. auto paint out
  10. hey guys, just came into this thread sounds like you guys are planning something way overdue!!! central FL needs a club bad! I am in Hudson and use to belong to sun coast model car club when I was younger. they actually have a show this weekend at the FL state fair grounds! they had members all over and at each meeting would decide where the next was going to be. one night would be at a library at a central location for everyone then they would alternate between member's houses that could host it. that worked out pretty good for them. I would like to get in with you guys that would be cool how
  11. nice work so far cant wait to see the rest of it!!!!
  12. you are in hudson????? lol

    where at?

  13. thanx guys these are a help. i should just try to call them and see where i get. you guys have been a great help. Bobby Jernigan
  14. Hello all!!!! I am MAYBE half way done with my Dart and starting to look for ref. pics and parts and supplies for my next model as it will take me A LONG TIME to build. the car I am doing is this years 2010 Ridler Award winner "Gold Digger" it IS THE most beautiful car I have seen built TO DATE. I have found a lot of pics of her I can not find anything on the chassis. I e-mailed the builder T&T customs in Canton GA and am trying to get some from them... no luck yet. anyways here is a quik pic of her. please help me out here guys. lets ee what we can find
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