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  1. Absolutely fantastic!! Somewhere I have a pic of the real Underbird parked in front of the Waldorf Astoria in NY. Alan is my all-time favorite driver.
  2. Only one word to describe this: WOW!
  3. The “lighting” effect on the decals is great, and that Hot Pink color is perfect for a funny car of the era.
  4. Having grown up in Rome, NY, you know I am going to like this! Great job!!
  5. I ran across this thread and thought I’d revive it. I picked up a Surf Woody for $9.99 at Ollies last year. I liked the roadster look so built it that way.
  6. I like the paint! Looks good! I did a Swirladelic on my Miss Deal too!
  7. Based on the box art, the headlights should work. Somehow I am not expecting them to.
  8. Just picked one up for $5.73! Foose wheels and tires going on another project but I will likely build the Coronet - although the grill bugs me. Dave Kindig customizes one of these but I didn’t like the grill treatment he did either!
  9. Very nice, and what gloss on the paint!!
  10. I am building the HUG right now. Front end actually sits quite low, as does the rear. I was surprised.
  11. Maybe they can sell their CAD drawings for the ‘64 Nova to Salvinos.
  12. The 63 Ford hasn’t been out since the Millenium edition I believe. I’d be interested in the Mustang GT if it came with Coke decals. (Just kidding about the Coke decals!)
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