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  1. The “lighting” effect on the decals is great, and that Hot Pink color is perfect for a funny car of the era.
  2. Having grown up in Rome, NY, you know I am going to like this! Great job!!
  3. I ran across this thread and thought I’d revive it. I picked up a Surf Woody for $9.99 at Ollies last year. I liked the roadster look so built it that way.
  4. I like the paint! Looks good! I did a Swirladelic on my Miss Deal too!
  5. Based on the box art, the headlights should work. Somehow I am not expecting them to.
  6. Just picked one up for $5.73! Foose wheels and tires going on another project but I will likely build the Coronet - although the grill bugs me. Dave Kindig customizes one of these but I didn’t like the grill treatment he did either!
  7. Very nice, and what gloss on the paint!!
  8. I am building the HUG right now. Front end actually sits quite low, as does the rear. I was surprised.
  9. Maybe they can sell their CAD drawings for the ‘64 Nova to Salvinos.
  10. The 63 Ford hasn’t been out since the Millenium edition I believe. I’d be interested in the Mustang GT if it came with Coke decals. (Just kidding about the Coke decals!)
  11. I have never had a tacky decal sheet, new or old. That said, the two products that have been suggested are what you should use on old decals to get them to work well.
  12. Yes it looks good. What tires are in the kit?
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