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  1. Thanks for the all the tips guys. I need the hatchback so looks like I'll be throwing a couple of kits together. Build thread coming up soon! Dave
  2. I've been asked to build a 1990 Mustang GT to copy a 1:1 that was lost to the owner many years ago. 1. What is the best fox body mustang kit? 2. I'm looking for specific wheels from the 1:1 car. Where can I find these? Thanks in advance peeps!
  3. WOW!!! That is amazing!! What kit?
  4. thanks for the build up thread. I just ordered the kit from my LHS (Ron's Hobby Mundelein, IL) and the Linkin Park livery set from www.hiroboy.com. That Acu-stion set looks great...
  5. Great job setting up the poll. Thanks to everyone for moderating this. It's a great event and I/we do appreciate it Now go vote for my F40
  6. OK I can help with a couple. For mirrors, windows etc you can use white glue (elmers) or Micro-Clear (special glue for windows) or Testors window glue. I also use tamiya's clear acrylic for attaching small parts like body badges etc. Dries clear and doesn't mess up the surface. Pin/rod for attaching things... I use stick pins from the sewing department Storage in cardboard boxes. I use empty baby wipe boxes. Plastic, perfect size, indestructible. Once the body is painted I work over / on / store in old tshirts. The cotton is soft and easy to find. Polishing and sanding et
  7. Looks great. What did you not like about the outside? You made a comment about not ruining the out shell; maybe we can help?
  8. Thanks again everyone. Voting in the 2017 Cannonball will open next week in the CBP section. Check out the builds and vote for your favorite cross country racer
  9. vwdave92

    Audi A4 DTM

    nice work. I'm hoping to build a few of the DTM kits. It was great to Revell kit those cars
  10. This is going to be SWEET!!! Might take a bit to find the kit I need but it's a car I've wanted to build for a LONG time. E26 M88/1
  11. OK here we go Tamiya Ferrari F40 Paint is Testors Aztek Red Pearl over Red base. That is NOT orange peal. That is the metallic orange when the light hits it... hard as hell to photograph aftermarket turbos, custom intake and exhaust plumbing from stainless steel tube then heat stained with a torch photo etch brakes and screens plumbed turbo oilers and coolers. Plumbed diff cooler and oil cooler full carbon decal engine bay and interior lap top with screenshot of home laptop for screen, CB, harnesses, window cranks (opened windows), radio w/ speakers
  12. so about VW's AMAZING VR6... Kidding... mostly... This was more for Zenrat trying to connect more than one inline
  13. looks awesome Zenrat!! To me the interior of these cars... showing you plan on racing it... is as important as the rest.
  14. belugawrx where did you get the "shark fin" antenna? That is SWEET!!!
  15. Belugawrx I LOVE the clipboard!! Those little touches that make these cars looks "used" are great!!
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