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  1. That is rather cool! I like that. Not one of those pieced together rat rods. Any other pictures of this one?
  2. Looking very good there! Body is cool! Engines are looking great! Half way there. You know I have always been intruiged by this car. I have never researched it though. I have always wondered how they steered it. Meaning, did they have two brake pedals or four levers or what? Had to have been a raped ape running down the strip and a real bear turning it at the end!
  3. I have seen people use such forms with chicken wire to make fiberrglass bodies, but never hammered steel. Thats why I found it so interesting! I would absolutly love to find the dimensions of a 1:1 1929 Ford closed cab to hammer out my own body! Thanks for the message!
  4. Thats very cool! What kind of car is that? I cant see enough of it? Very cool!
  5. Kudos to him! My oldest has many disorders including autism, desrucive behavior, obsesive behavior, ADHD and a couple more I cant think of right now. With his texture thing, its anything hard! He does not like jeans. He prefers sweat pants. Does enjoy the grass and hates gravel! LOL. We can not keep him sitting still unless he is playing legos or konex or building a model. Otherwise, forget it! He is a very mechanicle boy! He has to have a cushion at school with a play ball and a small stuffed animal. Has to have grippies on his pencil. We have learned with him, the more "tools" we can give hi
  6. The body is killer! I dont like thew color of the grill shell,frame and rear rims. But dude, that body is killer! I love how you combined those and painted them!
  7. WOW, this is looking amazing!
  8. These are pretty cool. I like that purple one!
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