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  1. Maybe contests should start having a past winners catagory. And once your build places in that catagory it's done for that show. Shows could also have a non judged past winners catagory so people can just show off what they have built and probably won with before. One of the catagories I don't understand is the need for a under construction catagory and why give awards for it. How do you judge a model that isn't done yet?
  2. That must have been some close racing. Passing must have been a carefull manuver.
  3. They all look really cool. Question. Do you run them front wheels lifted or rolling? Seems like everyone has a different opinion on that.
  4. I think a lot of guys keep entering models because if it wins the first time it should win again and again and again. Why enter something that might not be a winner when you have already built a winner so to speak. It's the afraid to lose mentality. Probably entered by the same guys who if they lost would be in the judges face about being cheated or that winning car shouldn't be in catagory etc etc. Exactly what you are talking about happens at our county fair in the photography contest for the last 8 years the same photo has been entered and won catagory and overall several times and every
  5. Well I used to race cars and my car number was 77 as given to my by BellClair Speedway when I showed up without one the first time I raced myown car. The number stuck. My avatar is the wheel from the first racing photo I took that was published. Technically I gave away the rights to the photo (was to young to read the fine print). Since that photo I have had several others published and won several photography contests.
  6. Shaffer hobbies, I think thats how it's spelled, has tons of models.
  7. If the jet dryers weren't allowed on the track under caution every wreck would be a 30 minute red flag. or there would be track workers out there with brooms under cautions. Just like the old days when people made the joke of "if someone doesn't die it isn't a race". Personally I'm ok with the 1/10000000 chance of a someone hitting a jet dryer. It's better than people walking around on the track any day of the week.
  8. 60 is a bit higher than some of the standard line slot cars Scalextric SCX Carrera all come in around $50 I think the bodies have tabs that slide into the sides of the chassis. I don't like slide chassis' but it allows one chassis to fit different bodies
  9. LightiningLane.com a Johnny Lighting collector price guide only values the truck at 400-600 dollars. Perhaps the seller doesn't realize it only takes a 30 second google search to find the value of it.
  10. One of the Asian model brands makes several styles of roach coach in both 1/24 and 1/32. I think it is fujimi. It's whatever brand comes out with the kits with the anime chicks on them.
  11. Why not make a never ending CBP for the General Lee? Isn' that what a CBP is for.
  12. ra7c7er


    Cool. They look good together.
  13. Cool. Paper models have always interested me but I have never finished one.
  14. Looks great so far. Looking forward to more updates.
  15. If that one parts tree is going to bring that much money think how much the box art is going to bring.
  16. When I do buy online I try to buy from a brick and mortar store and not just some guy in a warehouse. If I am going to buy online I would rather at least support someones LHS even if it isn't mine.
  17. Older warehouses make great hobby shops for the same reason. Near where I live their is a warehouse that used to be a skatepark. It's got a modern front store area with offices and a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse behind it along with two additional warehouse rooms one 500 Sq ft. and one 1,150 sq ft. 2 bathrooms one up front for the store area and one dedicated to the warehouse. The place even has a 3 bedroom apartment upstairs with a dedicated entrance. It's an all in one for someone wanting something like a RC track or skatepark. I have been wanting to buy it ever since the skatepark moved out but
  18. Looks really nice. Almost looks painted and not resin.
  19. I tried for the longest time to stay off the internet in terms of buying things but just recently I have started to buy online more. I still shop at the local stores as much as I can though. It's only when I can't get something at the LHS that I go online.
  20. Not a fan of the Mustang but it's cool to see Revell releasing something big scale. Perhaps if it sells well they will consider more new big stuff.
  21. Awesome looking. I got the same kit in a lot of stuff from a guy off craigslist. Probably paid less for it than you did, lol. My bartering skills suck but I tend to find people that don't know what they have. Of course it also helps that I don't know what stuff is worth either, lol. I don't build it for the same decal issues you experienced and Mark commented on. I really want to though.
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