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  1. JustBill

    '57 Chevy

    Thanks everyone. The texture on the seats is molded, comes that way. I simply sprayed everything red, painted the inserts black, dry brushed red over the textured inserts, used Detailmaster detail wire for the tubing, and sprayed it all flat clear. Thank's again for the interest and comments.
  2. JustBill

    '57 Chevy

    First completed model in 3.5yrs. Busted the slump. It's rough but I've chiseled my tools from the dust and got moving again. This AMT kit left some things on the table to be desired as well. Moving on.....
  3. Way to go James. Glad you took on the project. I'm a little burnt out on all the things these old kits need addressed. I think the reward will be worth it though.
  4. Jump in James. After seeing your Merc you have my interest peaked as to what you can do. Thanks again for the comments and interest everyone. Sledsel, I love the name.
  5. Very cool, good taste with the mods.
  6. Thanks for your interest fellas. Skip, I haven't decided on the engine yet. I'm leaning toward the flat head though. Norm @ R & M of MD puts out some real nice upgrades for those. Plus I love the way they sound! And thanks for the tips with the body. I will use due diligence. Tom, as per your request I sharpened my saws and slept with them under my pillow for good luck the night before. I present to you a chop topped roof.... Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki I removed two scale inches from the A pillars, three from the B to get my slope and the rear just rested where it landed. Went to th
  7. It's coming a long very nice. Your time and care are showing. Good luck with the rest of it.
  8. Really enjoyed viewing this. Great job on car and the way you captured it in the pics.
  9. Well it's been some time (1yr.+) since I've touched a model. I should start by saying hi to my friends, both of them, it's been too long it seems. About two weeks ago I started with the itch and ideas started flowing while I was working on other things not model related so I drug out this old coupe. It was one out of many models I picked up in a lot. There was a whole big box of someones old builds. Like 8 or so in the box with three of these '40's. Got the whole thing for like $5-10. Been a while so I can't remember exactly I just know it seemed silly cheap to pass up. The event that took pla
  10. Certainly a great job Steve! Your hard work paid off for sure. Beautiful.
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