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  1. Thanks so much,,so many greats builders on this site,,enjoy looking at all yours also. This is a different version from the stock kit,,fun to do versions other than bx stock. Build on !
  2. Thanks all,,yea its kindof a dark orange,,was hoping it would have been more 'orange" than it is. Thanks for looks.
  3. My gosh,,Im stuck on these late 60's Ford cars recently,,here I took the AMT Shelby GT500 kit and did a drag version,,additions not included in kit : Headrests,,seatbelts,,rollbar,,drag slicks,, cragar mags,,,opened up rear wheel wells,,drag headers instead of stock exhaust,,lower radiator hose,,decals from leftovers from my stash. Rattle can sprayed W/ Testors Mystic emerald green. Hand painted 2 tone interior w/custom mixed paints. Hand painted window trim{s} w/custom mixed paints. Dremmel cut+ removed engine bay wheel wells. {so drag headers would clear} I did have to dremmel t
  4. Thanks so much guys,,always a fun era of cars to do. Funny,,I was thinkin,,the $$ value of the cars from the 40's to say about 1980 or so all have gone way up,, I think its because they were so simple in design,,and much more unique body styles,,pretty much rolling "artwork"
  5. Thanks all,,enjoy yours as well,,Build on!
  6. wow,,awsome build,,I have the MT 1/16 FC from back when,,wish they would re-issue a bunch of these 1/16 FC's again. Those decal set you used looks great on there
  7. Thank you sir,,enjoy yours as well,,so many greats building on this site
  8. Thnx Shoopdog ,,I was lookin at Evlbay lookin for old Revell chopper kits 1/8th and such ,,man there getting expensive ,,some are 200$ and up.
  9. Hey its gettin warmer,,happy spring to all. Just finished the AMT 70 1/2 Camaro,,I wanted it orange,,similar to box art,,but I used flat black primer,, sprayed w/Testors quikdry "Flaming orange" it turned out "Rootbeer Brown metallic" ,,which is ok too I guess. I should have used red or orange primer to get a better orange effect. Changed out the kit tires with some larger /wider profile,,added some basic wiring in Ebay,,made some seat belts from x-tras bx ,,hand painted the trim work. I do use BMF at times but not all the time,,depends on how crisp the molding work is on the kit
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