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  1. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/hsDpUF9 So I order online for curbside pickup for "Testors clear wet one coat" The image online is the exact product I need, and IMO is an AMAZING clear coat that has delivered great results.... When I go to pick it up, it's a completely different label. I question the employee that this is wrong product and I request a refund, but she is confident that because the SKU is the same, it is the same product. So I try some investigating. The sku number matched up so maybe Testors just changed the product label, it happens, and the lid of the ne
  2. ah yes. Thankyou. I cous have sworn it was revell for some odd reason. How are amt kits? I usually build tamiya, aoshima, fujimi.
  3. i was browsing my local hobby store for paint on a porsche 911 gt3r (chose ts23 light blue, by the way!) and i stumbled upon a revell 2017 camaro "fifty" edition. i realize this picture is of a calendar set, but the box looked 98 percent IDENTICAL to this: now i cant find any news about this revell kit ANYWHERE online. i should have bought the dang thing for the 26 bucks they were selling it for (ive been looking for a decent camaro kit)
  4. here is a link to the album. click on them to zoom in closer couple comments before you look: the older year (and mainly american) cars are the ones i did before all of the exotics/foreigns.i did them when i was younger (26 now. was doing those when i was 16-20. i tossed my first 5-8 cars i did when i first started). the majority of them were revell, so you will see a lot of glue or mis-fitting parts. i chalk it up to being revell, and being newer in the hobby. i am really sorry for all the dust and grime. they get harder and harder to clean as they age. the dust i cant reach just gets com
  5. building a mercedez model, with tamiya ts-8 red. i primed it, sanded the primer smooth, did light coats of TS-8. sand off dust or whatever if needed between coats. the paint is looking pretty darn good. any person who doesnt build a lot of models would be very impressed. however, i am really trying to make this thing pop. for a test, i had finished painting the hood, sanded the hood with 4-6k grit, and then painted over it again. that thing was smooth!! my real question is..i am planning on clear coating. 1) what is a good kind of clear coat to get? testors one-coat clear? and whats the di
  6. some of the parts say to paint it "PH A" and i cant find anywhere in the book what ph A means. i mean the normal colors say "ph 12" or whatever, with the number corresponding to a certain paint color on the chart in the manual. well, theres no "ph a" in my chart..
  7. first is the primer question. bought an aoshima lambo kit and im going to paint it tamiya italian red lacquer. i have grey primer, and sprayed a spare part, then put the italian red over it. came out pretty dark. definitely not a "hey im a lambo!" red..so i am assuming i need to get white primer. however, ive seen some talk about duplicolor primer being cheaper/the exact same thing as tamiya primer/mr hobby primer. so why pay double the price, for half the amount? what is the EXACT kind of primer from duplicolor (or anything else) that i need for my model?and where do i buy? i do plan on s
  8. i have this model. i am ALMOST done, and its been HELL. what the HELL is up with this front bumper? it does NOT align right. finally after hacking pieces of plastic off, and gluing it and holding it together with my hands for 30 minutes i FINALLY got it to look half way decent. now, im about to put the shell on the car..ok cool, its going over the chassis and interior just fine..and now to do the final clip-ins..and guess what? it doesnt stay down. i cant get the shell to latch onto the chassis.the back is just fine. but the front just doesnt want to pop in. i do not understand whats c
  9. got it! i was gonna do the pearl white route, but i actually just found an old can of testors clear gloss lacquer overcoat. and just because i am short on money right now, would it be OK to use the blue 3m painters tape and then coat over it? or should i just honestly wait till i get that prestigious tamiya tape and coat over it?
  10. i just used regular tamiya lacquer paint. the rubbing alcohol melted the paint right off!! enamels OVER lacquer is ok. got it. so ill be ok to spray this enamel clear coat over the tape then.
  11. this site is always so helpful. so what i did was i just got 91 percent alcohol and the bumper is sitting in a cup. im just going to start it over. i tried sanding it away, and that wasnt working. and i didnt have any polisher, but i didnt even bother because there were various indents and everything. i did notice the blue masking tape didnt leave residue when i used it...but it kind of reduced the shimmer/smoothness of the paint? maybe the paint was just still soft..tamiya tape or yellow 3M tape wont cause this, correct? im asking because i saw that tamiya tape was sort of expensive
  12. lol thanks a lot for the trick. im going to use th at for the continuation of the model. but as far as trying NOT to start over on this bumper piece, what should i try to do? my main problem with starting over is is that i wouldnt have enough white OR pearl white to do the bumper correctly. which means another 20 dollars gone. i do however have enough to do some "clean ups"
  13. i really, really hope i didnt screw this up for myself. the paint is pearl white. i then masked off as well as i thought i could, and then sprayed with gun metal. all paint is tamiya lacquer. when i took off the blue masking tape from 3m, i suppose i should have waited a bit longer for the paint to dry because it was still a bit wet. i waited like 30-45 minutes but the coats might have been wetter than i thought. so now i have a list of problems 1- my gun metal middle area is damaged 2- paint bled all over onto the pearl white so what do i do!?!? obviously wait a night or two..
  14. so i have a tamiya kit im working on..my plan is to make it pearl white kind of like this: so i primed it with my surfacer 500. the cap is white, but the primer comes out a light gray. i sanded the whole body down and got it smooth. i painted just the hood to see what the pearl would look like over the light gray primer..it looks like dog shhh. you can barely even tell theres pearl white over it. it looks like a shiny sparkley grey. not going to work. at all. i didnt know pearl white was going to be so translucent.. so how do i fix this? i went out and bought tamiya ts-26 "pure white."
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