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  1. My experience is that I can't get a good finish with anything made by Testors if I use it straight from the can. Wet Look Clear works great if decanted and airbrushed. If you need to use a spray can, you'll probably get a better result with a different brand like Tamiya. Just my experience.
  2. I'm using the 0.5 mm. Also have the 0.7 but it seems like overkill. Too much of the paint is wasted as overspray. Very informative thread. I guess the lacquer thinner in this area is unlikely to contain much acetone. I did see some Duplicolor brand lacquer thinner at a local Pep Boys that said it was 100 percent acetone. Fortunately, I passed on it.
  3. This thread has me very confused. I've been using my Grex Tritium for several years with nothing but lacquer and cleaning/thinning with hardware store lacquer thinner. No problems. None. Bought the fan spray as an add-on as soon as they were available. No problems there either. Just don't get it!???
  4. Great work! That's as clean and as beautiful a piece of work as I've ever seen. The 1953 Studebaker convertible has been a subject of special interest to me ever since I saw it on a local (New Orleans) newscast in 1954 when I was 5 years old. It made a BIG impression! The factory only built one but it's been a source of mystery and confusion ever since. It's been repainted many times and was out of sight for long periods of time. It was built as a 1953 painted metallic gray and updated to 1954 exterior appearance (and repainted in a light tan) when the new models came out. The interior wa
  5. That's an AMAZING job for a Palmer. I didn't think that was possible. I am in awe!
  6. I'd love to do some more but it's not likely. If it happens it would be a '53 Starliner since, like the Avanti, there's a good quality easily available kit to build the nucleus of it. Anything else would be way more complicated. I already have a couple of major Studebaker projects ('56 Golden Hawk and '62 GT Hawk) on a back burner for when I feel motivated enough - don't want to complicate things any more.
  7. Thank you, everybody! It seemed like a natural thing to do. The Rolls reminded me of a '51 Mercury with a funny grill.
  8. Hi everybody, The plan for this one was to turn a Rolls into something of a sled without losing any of the "dignified" look that is the RR signature. It's based on the Minicraft re-issue of the old Hubley promo tooling from the early sixties. Kept it simple. Other than the chop, the skirts, the stance and the flames, pretty much everything else is standard Rolls and just like it came out of the box. The paint is Duplicolor with Testors Wet Look clear. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Again, thanks to everyone for the kind words. It's good to be appreciated! Well, not exactly. The real thing is supposed to hover when parked with no landing gear involved. My version is held up by three short pieces of clear lucite plastic rod - hopefully, out of sight. The rods fit into little pockets in the base so it won't move around when it's docked but it can be removed.
  10. Many thank you's to everybody for the great comments. I really appreciate it! While the "Bugsport" comic isn't widely known, it was a huge hit in the Studebaker world which is actually still a large and active community of enthusiasts. No new 'toons have been posted in years. Ted Bastien had to concentrate on other projects that actually generate income (like Paw Patrol). If you'd like to look at Bugsport here's a link: http://tedsstudio.com/bugsport/?page0001 Yes, the interior is built stock but not totally out-of-the-box. The AMT kit depicts a transitional 1963/64 ca
  11. Super nice job! Shows what can be done with a very basic kit.
  12. I doubt that too many onthis forum are familiar with the on-line comic strip called Bugsport so here's a little history to get you ready for what I built. Back in 1963, Studebaker created a series of picture postcards to help their dealers promote the new models on the lot. This was one of the Avanti promotional postcards: Then around 2004 or so cartoonist Ted Bastien created the fictional town of Bugsport. It's inhabited by a mix of aliens and humans and the aliens are just regular citizens like everybody else. They're in the Masons, they work at the lumber mill, the book store
  13. As mentioned above, card stock is great for making templates, patterns and mock-ups but I would use styrene for the actual construction. I used Evergreen strips (don't remember the size) to adapt a resin Studebaker bullet nose to an AMT Speed Boat hull. It worked great.
  14. That's amazing! Really original and great work.
  15. All Model Master products have been discontinued. If you find any of what you want buy it now because it is no longer available.
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