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  1. Here the finished AITM Mack LTL complete kit with 3D printed battery mounts
  2. Here the new quiz. As usual sent a PM with Year, Make and Type.
  3. It is Sunday and it is time to solve the quiz. I was looking for a 1967 -1971 Simca 1200 S Coupe. The 1200 S is based on the Simca 1000 Coupe. The car features a differnt fornt fasica and a bigger engine compared to the 1000 Coupe. The correct answer were submitted by: otherunicorn Bucky Brizio DonW gbtr6 Matthijsgrit Richard Bartrop dw1603 iamsuperdan sjordan2 Matt Bacon Congratulations
  4. I think I should give you a hint because the response on this quiz isn't big. This car is a rear engined and it was build by a defunct car manufacturer to whom Ford had sold all their facilities in 1954 after closing their activies in this country.
  5. After the one off quiz here is the new regular auto quiz. Please sent PM with Year, Make and Type.
  6. I had printed a Roof Cylinder Head including a 4in1 exhaust for the 1/24 Monogram Model A.
  7. This time I was looking for a special Aston Martin DB4 GT. The last chassis of the DB 4 series was build at Bertone into this coupe. It was designed in 1961 by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It was shown at first in 1961 at the Genvea Automobil Show, later that year at the Turin Automobil show. The1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Jet was offered for auction at Bohnams "The Aston Martin Works Sale" in May 2013 and sold for £3,249,500 inc. premium. The car's chassis no. is 0201L and engine no. is 370/0201/GT. The correct answer were sent in by: DonW otherunicorn Richard Bartrop gbtr6
  8. I had started weather the frame next will be hood and cab. A wethered truck needs a diorama. I found some pictures in the web were log trailers were loaded or unloade on log truck. This is a DIY log Trailer Loader made out of wood. I think I have to redue the height of the crane a bit.
  9. The last week of April has started and it is time for a new One-Off Build quiz. Sent a PM with Year, Make and Type. Please no hints or answers wthin this read. Please read the rules first Deadline will be (Deadline May 2, 2021 0:00 CET)
  10. I'll give you the answer on this quiz: 1958 - 1964 Porsche Teram Puntero This car is based on the chassis of the IMAE Justicalistas Gran Sport. In 1955 the new Argentinian leadership imposed by the de facto national government gave the IMAE assembly plant to Teram. This is how they ended up in the hands of Teram 144 chassis of Justicialistas Gran Sport, which could only be sold if they were given a new image and identity. What followed was really curious. Somehow the Teram people convinced the Porsche to license the brand and some design features of their sports cars, so that the Gran
  11. Claude, please read the rules first. No comments or hints in this thread please
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