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  1. Completely excellent!! even the pictures have an extraordinay quality.
  2. Immpressive big rig. It seems it comes really from the "rust valley" ;-)))
  3. Dear forum mates, thank you very much for the comments. I'm satisfyed that you liked it. More truck models will come, for sure! Jaume
  4. hello! here the pictures of my last 2020 build. We've learnt this is a K125 ( and not a K123 as stated in the AMTs box ) The color combination is same as the Kenny Daycab that was presented here a few days ago. So easily the same trailers are matching and can be used for the pictures ;-))) I hope you enjoy the pics. By the way, still thinking what to be build for the 2021 BRBO. Jaume
  5. Abolutely outstanding, both quantity and quality. Please keep on!
  6. I would like to enter the 2021 BRBO However, not yet decided what to build: at home I have now following kits ready to start: Mack R685, Autocar Dump truck, IH Paystar 5000 When do I have to communicate wicj one? Can I build more tan one ? Regards,
  7. My strong wish and hope is that something actual and fully new is coming. Like the Italeri with the continous update of european models, we need Amt or Moebius to start releasing the new US ones
  8. Excellent model and weathering. The big wheels fit pefectly.
  9. Hello Häken, what a lot of knowledge! thanks. I will use it for my next post, as I've just finished a K125, this is the AMT from the 80's edition with the torsion bars rear tandem suspension. If you buy the latest edition form this AMT model kit, it is represented the walking beam suspensión...so I was lucky to have one of the more rare ones...
  10. Hello, thanks to all for your comments. A Little bit of rust, patina or just dirty gives a model a more realistic image. However too much is a mess. So I'm always careful with it. Specially to Jim's comment: my knowledge about the Kenworths models is not so deep, so now I know this is a K121. Thanks again! Regards, Jaume
  11. Hello! here the pictures from the finished model, based in the Amt kit, where I've done the transformation to daycab, 4x2 chassis and added the trilex wheels. I'm building truck models since decades, however, if I'm not wrong this is the first time I post any picture here. I've tryed to make them seem as of a real trucks. I hope you like it. regards, Jaume
  12. Really amazing! it seems real, what an excellent work ( wipers, steering axis,...) I've seen the WIP report, what a pitty, I could not read it ( no idea of russian language)
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