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  1. looks good. i bought one of these a few weeks ago really cheap. like 8 bucks. i cant wait to get it started
  2. i know its kinda late but i would like to get in on this build. i have an amt 66 nova pro street ill use
  3. since my pictures were kinda blurry the first time, last night i took a few more sorry the lighting isnt that great. i took these in my house under a house lamp. hope you guys enjoy these pictures more.
  4. thanks guys. jose i guess you can call it a diorama. its something that was made in just a few minutes to take pictures outside. all it is, is a thin piece of wood painted black. i drew some track lines and skid marks with some pastels i have. very simple yet it gets the job done
  5. looks like a beater. i love it. ive never done the weathering technique youve done but i might have to try it now. it came out awesome. it almost looks real well done james
  6. just finished up this fujimi evo 6 a few nights ago. just got around to snappin pics of it now. i enjoyed building it. its a very basic kit and goes together well. the look i was after
  7. looks good luis. loving the dash and the rear tow ring
  8. did alot of sanding last night to get the body ready for paint. got a few coats of paint on it already. still needs another coat or two then gotta paint up the trim. i also opened the holes for the seat belts on both front seats. also got rid of all the mold lines on both seats note. in the picture only one seat is done i also got the interior and dash sprayed flat black.
  9. i just recently started sanding the entire body on my models instead of just doing mold lines and moving on with it. the way you mentioned above is exactly what i found works me as well.
  10. there is no such thing as an acrylic enamel, you have either or. enamel paints wont dry on the tires, they need to be done in acrylic paint. there is no such thing as an acrylic enamel, you have either or. enamel paints wont dry on the tires, they need to be done in acrylic paint.
  11. this is just a quick build i might build a small diorama for. im starting with the fujimi evo 6 mk sport. i may use some of the decals but this is pretty much gonna be like a stock jdm evo. real simple kit. has about 60 or 70 pieces in the box. box art this is what its gonna look like i started off with the chassis and wheels. wheels are sprayed gloss black i opened the side vent in the hood and also the holes in the lip. i also went with the optional wing. quick mock up before i put the wing on her
  12. thanks bud. i finished it a few days ago. its in the finished section. as far as ic pipe wrap, ive read online in a few car forums about it. as far as i know its insulation and keeps it from getting hot. i dont know if heat wrap is the same as header wrap but thats what most poeple seem to be doing IRL. i could be wrong though. i think it looks cool though.
  13. yes sir. i think you should get one of these. my favorite model ive build so far
  14. thanks guys. the r32 is my favorite skyline so i had to build it. i had a lot of fun with this one disco, do it up im looking forward to seeing what your buddys r32 looked like
  15. thats exactly what ive been using since i got back into the hobby. for 99¢ you cant beat it. i personally love it and use the flat black on most of my models. the only colors i really use from that brand is flat black and primer grey. but i do have the red, green, gloss black, gloss white and dark blue colors they put out
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