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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments guys and help with the colour (I'm British!) for the Platt car. As I said earlier, I've already built 5 racecar replicas with steelies/Radirs etc so I wanted this one to be totally different.

    More of a shortcut than a detour, it's just a curbside because I had to get this 'finished' for our monthly club night on Thursday. (see you there, Brett)

    Looks like I'll have to add an engine at a later stage when I find a suitable candidate... and suspension...dang, now it's another unfinished project :)

  2. This is my latest build, it started out as a replica of Hubert Platt's Georgia Shaker but took a detour :D

    I had polished and BMF'd the body when I realised I hadn't removed some emblems where decals are supposed to go :D . Wasn't sure about this blue being correct either (Tamiya Metallic Blue).

    So plan B was hatched, using some Pegasus wheels, Hertz Mustang front seats and a scrap chassis to build this curbside replica.

    I have already built 5 racecar replicas, but if anyone knows the correct shade of blue please let me know (preferably rattle can, I don't have an airbrush).

    Thanks for looking.




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