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  1. gotta re-paint the hood
  2. Ill look into that. Thanks !
  3. Any one got a tip for removing cement residue from a windshield?
  4. Got the Mustang for my birthday and the Deuce I got with a coupon I had for Michael Craft Store.
  5. New guy here from Salt Lake City, UT Just thought I should start a build thread. '66 Mustang Shelby GT350H Going to be pretty much stock with a few more details. Got the engine together and the dash done last night Waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can go out side and spray the rest of the parts and body.
  6. 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H A can of Testors Revving Red and Black And some paint thinner
  7. 2006 Nascar. Originally was a Tony Stewart car but I changed it up some. Just finished it last night.
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