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  1. Actually, The correct engine color is red.Chrysler blue was used after 1969. Yellow was only used on the rarer SUPER 225 or Charger 225's.
  2. I used .010'' thick evergreen sheet as a tab glued inside the cab,then taped the outside skin right up to the edge on the front cab section and did the same on the outside of the sleeper so when i glued the pieces together, I would simply use my finger and wipe the seam and not smear glue everywhere and be a mess!! Then when the glue dried, I would peel the tape off and have very little bodywork to do. Oh, and clamping the cab and sleeper together while it dries is also helpful!!! Roy
  3. Just remember, Richard Petty won 10 races in1969....In a FORD!!!! The only year he ever raced a Ford!!! I hope the Fords serve His team well!!! I miss the big STP Oval too!!!!
  4. Thanks for the kind compliment Kelly!!! With alot of imagination and alot of hit and miss fabrication, I was able to get this truck together!! I'm glad someone was inspired or motivated to just plain "GO FOR IT" !!!! Roy
  5. OUCH!!!! Been there and done that!!!! You should have heard the cussin' that followed!!!! Roy
  6. Yeah this is a crazy,aggrevating problem...But, I have learned a little "cheat"....Type in your post content(pics included) and Right click and copy your entire post,Then hit the Little black "Post" button....And give it about 10-15 seconds to post. If you get the little green bar with flashing dots and nothing is happening after several seconds, Hit the refresh button on the address bar and refresh the page.Then hit the Reply button and the clear reply screen will come up, Right click and "Paste" and you can hit the Post button again and it will post on the thread!! This works very well for m
  7. Thanks Matt!! It was good seeing you at the show!!! Congrats on your win as well!!!! Roy
  8. Thank you all for the kind compliments Ben, Matt and Tim!!! After 13 months on this build....I was blown away when my name was called!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather!!! LOL !!!!! Thanks again!! Roy
  9. The KW did me proud at the NNL Southern Nationals...It won Best TV and Movie Award!!!!! Heres the "Hardware"... I am ECSTATIC!!!!!!
  10. Awesome workmanship!!!!!!! These are over the top builds!!! Roy
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