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  1. Hey, I love this! That ought to diffuse occasional confusion.
  2. Maybe not WHOLE cars, but they all saw pieces of cars before. 😄
  3. Got my copy in the mail yesterday (4/19/21) in ND. Pretty slick gentlemen. Kudos to Tim Kolankiewicz for design and layout.
  4. I have the opposite experience. I've never thrown anything out and regularly contemplate the wisdom of that, especially living in a 950 sq.ft. house with tiny closets.
  5. To be honest, if I'd known this thread was going to be this long-lived and thorough, I'd have considered a more thoughtful, descriptive and searchable heading.
  6. Then you might need one of these. You'll be centuries ahead of the Smokeys. 😄
  7. Love that VW Pat. Man, you got every detail, especially the top cover. For the record, be sure to include some finished shots in the 2020 thread
  8. Pete, I love what you're doing with the Audi and SUPER clean!
  9. What a cool piece. Well thought out and executed details.
  10. Ebay would be the biggest hassle for kits. You live in car country, I'm sure there are interested modelers in your area. I'd favor the swap meets and Facebook garage sale so you can sell bunches at a time. Plus, as Tom G. says, you'll be reaching the people who want it most, face to face. Hobbyists will usually walk away with a few pieces more than they came for, and you might make some new friends who'll occasionally contact you later for more.
  11. I see your car is in "end of race" configuration. How optimistic 😅. Your relatively early completion betrays the amount of time, effort and focus you've put into this. A well thought out and executed theme model. Hats off, Kurt.
  12. Excellent choice for a car of this limited era. I think it's a true beauty among most other early 70s land yachts, including Cadillac and Chrysler and I can tell the craftsmanship is spot on.
  13. Tried to look up other articles, but they all pretty much repeat the same press release of precious little info and flowery optimismistic generalities.
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