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  1. Wow, what a massive project. I respect your stick-to-it-ivness. Looks great.
  2. Hey, some of those ancient multi piece body kits have great potential and with basic modeling care can look wonderful. I think yours shows that. Worth the restoration effort.
  3. Cool build. With a few additional doo dads it's no stretch to see this as a batmobile.
  4. Thanks Greg. No spare copies at the moment. My resin looks like sour milk. I'd need to run a test to see if my mold has sagged.
  5. I've got a thread you can pick through here, but unfortunately it ends with a cliffhanger (aka the unfinished pile).
  6. From 2012, pic with his 1/43 collection and comments about his building and collecting. https://www.hagerty.com/media/archived/rush-drummers-models/
  7. THIS! The only show I've watched that I describe as my favorite. First run, second run, bought the box set when it finally came out years later. Then fiancee got hooked and we watched again.
  8. I guess any way that looks good when you're done is the right way. I sure like your crisp door lines. On this one, I removed my cut section and bent the lower stem back and the upper stem forward. I don't recall if I added a couple half cuts to offer relief to the bends. The pic doesn't really show any.
  9. So basically, all you're buying is bragging rights. When Beeple sold his jpeg at auction for $69-million, it was all over the news, complete with lots of images of the work. The buyer got the single original code for the high res image, yet there's no shortage places to view copies of it. I guess one could argue the same for viewing copies of original Rembrandts, but it's hard to compare machine generated code to original nuanced brush strokes from the flesh of a human hand to canvas. And you don't need specialized machinery to see it.
  10. Having come to this thread a few days late, I too was wondering why nobody was questioning the language of the survey. If it was multiple choice, and one of the answers was "...comes from brown cows" then you could guarantee that 7-percent of a thousand people will be smart alecks and pick that answer. Heck 7-percent aren't even likely to answer any of it honestly or seriously.
  11. Hey, I love this! That ought to diffuse occasional confusion.
  12. Maybe not WHOLE cars, but they all saw pieces of cars before. πŸ˜„
  13. Got my copy in the mail yesterday (4/19/21) in ND. Pretty slick gentlemen. Kudos to Tim Kolankiewicz for design and layout.
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