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  1. Claude & Chris - thanks to each of you! Chassis planning yet more details soon. Josh - thanks sir. I hope you like the rest of it. I have some good things coming on the chassis I believe. Joe - Joe - Joe - (couldn't help myself) appreciate the sentiment, Francis is a heck of a builder/fabricator. cheers to all , tim
  2. I really like your choice of colorization in the rear frame clip Francis. They really complement each other. Always fun to see all the bits and pieces come together, now all the effort you put into the individual pieces / sub-assemblies pays off. cheers, tim
  3. Love that paint Joe. Looking forward to the final result. Entire build looks super clean. cheers, tim
  4. Well done Tim. The info shared is very insightful too. Thanks for sharing & I look forward to your progress. cheers, tim
  5. Brad, thanks for the note and nice to see you here again. Hope all has been well for you and you'll post some drag car build here soon. cheers Pete J. - "a year ago"..............thanks for reminding me. 🙃 Time IS flying and thank you too for the note. Marcos - Appreciated sir. Daniel - I agree on the blasting a portion of it as I think it would have looked fine either way. But, of course once I blast it, there is/was no turning back so it's now shiny forever. Thank you for the post and checking it out. Ian - Thanks too! Francis - I always liked that saying but
  6. Dan, nice looking car......I'm a sucker for yellow and I wanted to ask what color yellow you used on your car? cheers,tim
  7. Great car and thread Marco. I particularly appreciate the thorough step by step you've taken on the body prep and paint steps. Great tips you've shared. cheers, tim
  8. THAT is exquisite Alan. Super job. cheers, tim
  9. Finally DONE. Pic heavy. 10 rear cover bolts, 4 carrier bolts and 16 axle flange bolts.....cheers, tim
  10. Thanks Francis & Claude for the input. I'm not going to take a lot of time wrestling with it, just wanted a quick "sanity check" before proceeding. Francis, yeah, I thought about the "messing it up part" plenty. I don't want to do that, and Claude, I appreciate the generous compliments but your observations are spot on too of the "real world" and what people do/don't do. So, I'm going to polish up the back cover to a shiny finish with Mothers Wheel Polish and leave the pumpkin alone. Insert the bolts and put it together and call her done. I'll post some final pics of it very soon.
  11. THANKS again to each of you for following. I've been going back and forth on certain parts of the build, wheels/tires for one. Getting ready to do the chassis. I've stared at the rear end for almost a week now and I can't decide how I want to finish it. I should media blast it to replicate the original magnesium casting of the unit and paint it a realistic color..........but, from these pics, I like what I see as it is. No one, well, maybe Sox & Martin, would bother to finish off the rear in a polished finish. I'm not going to use Caswell's Blacken-It as it would be the wrong shade I
  12. Ah, onto the "fun" stuff. Everything looks super Ian......I've no doubt you're relishing this part! cheers, tim
  13. Nice to see you back again Michael. I learned of your products from Clay and have purchased many in the past, great quality sir. Cheers, Tim
  14. This car does look really nice. Congrats to you sir on a job well done so far. cheers, tim
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