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  1. Hi everyone, well I had to take a "pause" on the build as I just couldn't see for the most part. Had my second cataract surgery yesterday and already I'm just about 100%. Other than having to change some of the light bulbs/lighting in the house back to something "normal" I should be at the bench in a week. Amazing what they can do anymore with lasers and such. Cheers to all and thank you for following the build. Tm
  2. I thought the whole build looked great before Franics.........now after surgery, I can only say it looks even better if that's possible. Cheers, Tim
  3. Love the newest post Charlie. The engine IS gorgeous. Today I was in York Springs Pa. and visited a race car museum. The main theme is sprint cars with some drag thrown in. I took some pics of some cars that I thought you might appreciate. I apologize in advance if I'm hi-jacking your thread in any way. Not my intent of course. The fabricator in Allentown was selling the aluminum body he made many decades ago as an all inclusive car for $925. Yup. Not a typo. Anyways, here are the pics and I'm sure you'll get a smile or two. Cheers, Tim
  4. Dave, you saying I'm all thumbs? 😅 Thanks Joe....again, bench time has been limited but I'm still pluggin' away. Thanks too Ian.......if either of those body's hadn't been so badly warped I would have been seriously challenged to go with it. The AMT was more stock looking and accurate in some important regards but it would have taken more work to modify it to work. The rear window was separate from the body which I really liked too......more to show. Appreciated Jason........nice to see you poppin' in and checking out the build. Here's the set of 4. Adding the valve
  5. You're good Steve........REALLY REALLY GOOD. Haven't checked on your thread for a bit and it was nice to get caught up. Like everyone else, that color will look phenomenal on the car. cheers, tim
  6. Dave (comp1839) - Thanks sir. It's been so long since I made wheels that I had to back to the notes you shared a few years ago with me on some basics when I made the wheels for the Bantam. Each is a 3 piece construction. Again, many thanks! Thank you Marcus. Dave (goatguy) I agree on the Maverick body comment completely. I'm not looking back on it now.....sometimes I just get sidetracked. 🙂 Thanks Hakan.......I forgot about the Flea.....too bad they got out of the business. Francis, do it man......I'd love to see what you can do one after seeing all your previous work
  7. Nicely done Joe. Saw a real one at the Air & Space Museum just outside of Dulles Airport. It's smaller in real life than what it appears to be in pics. If you haven't that particular museum try to get there some day. You won't be disappointed. cheers, tim
  8. Love the stance & look Bruce. Those wheels were a bunch o' work but well worth it. cheers, tim
  9. That's some serious masking you did there Ian. You must have a LOT of patience. cheers, tim
  10. Wonderful updates Charlie as always. You've got some great vision along with the skills to make it happen. cheers, tim
  11. NAILED IT!! That's gorgeous Ian. Can't wait to see the rest, I've no doubt it will be sweet. I was not familiar with the 1:1 car but from the pics you've shared, it is one handsome ride. cheers, tim
  12. I had to chuckle Francis when I saw the Dodge logo. You sir, have now officially crossed over to the darkside. Turned out quite nicely I might add as well. Keep at it, we're enjoying the build for sure. cheers, tim
  13. Saw this on "carbuzz"........a tuner is going to make this car based on their rendering. They've already made a gorgeous convertible version of it.
  14. Hi everyone......a bit of an update. I took a detour on the build and bought 2 (an AMT & an MPC) Mustang 2 model kits as a possible replacement for the Maverick body. That followed a ton more digging and research on what chassis I wanted to do. Don Hardy is the one I want to get closest to. Anyways, the Mustang kits came with warped bodies that I thought I could remedy. Researched our forum and followed the advice of others that had success. For me, not so much. So I'm sticking with the Maverick but the specific year I'm looking at is 1974. More on why later. Wheels, I have a b
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