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  1. It's part of the hobby only because of lousy quality control by the manufacturers. And that was the original question: whether flash was a measure of quality (or lack of quality). And the answer is yes, flash is a reflection on a kit's quality (or lack of).

    Dont worry I was joking anyway.

    But I myself still dont see any issue on the flash/moldlines. I bet manufactures have thought about it and it might not be as simple as we think to prevent the flash when producing a kit. Remember they have to produce it in large numbers and machines get worn out in time. Plus if you want to stay in business you cant invest in ultra-ultra-space-fiction-quality technology if you dont have huge profits.

  2. ###### you guys over there get some rough treatment.

    Here in Estonia and actually most of the Europe we have nothing to worry about, maybe some thunderstorms that rip couple of trees out from ground and nothing more. And maybe little bit this or that.

    But we dont have anything that puts lots of people and their properties in such a danger. I feel sorry for you guys and I hope things will be alright. Its always sad to see things like tornadoes and other stuff on news. You americans have big and powerful country but there is nothing to do for stopping mother nature.

  3. stop whining about flash you bunch of sissies :D . Its nothing a sandpaper/blade couldnt fix, and...

    There's nothing more frustrating than having to re-engineer just about every kit part because of all the flash. To me, excess flash does say "poor quality."

    ... if you dont like doing some preparation work with the kit why dont you buy a die cast completed model instead. Re-engineering is part of the hobby.

  4. Based on what I've read on the hobby boards I belong to, the vast majority of people who built this car were more than satisfied with it. What part(s) on yours needed to be double checked for proper fitness?

    I notice you're going to be using Zero paints. Are they lacquers? The copper looks like a shade Oldsmobile had back then called Persimmon. Beautiful color. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    One of the exhaust manifold and Oil filter seem not to have friendly relationship, now the oil filter is not very straight, and the exhaust pipes didnt line up with manifolds. Just some little details need to be adjusted before using glue. Nothing biggie.

    I'm not sure what the paints are, words like acrylic and lacquers and stuff confuse me :D

    Maybe you can find info from somewhere here(its the only place that sells these paints):


    They are amazing paints, dry really fast and once clearcoated they will pop.

    The custom paint is something I thought should be Oldsmobile Saddle Bronze, I asked Steve(the owner of shop) to make it visually mach with some googled pics i gave him, 100% accurate match didnt matter, as long as it looks good.

  5. Oh btw guys, has any of you had any issues with rear wheels assembly? As you can see on one of the pictures, they look like seriously bent on the axle. The hole inside, where the wheel pin goes, is not straight I guess.

  6. Thank you very much guys. Will try to post up as soon as I have some more progress, need to start working with interior then move on with the body.

    So far, so good. That kit really is nicely done, isn't it?

    Yes its kinda the best Revell kit I had my hands on. Very interesting details(lots of optional parts) and fine engravement. Fitment sometimes needs to be double-checked but once together its all very tight and nice.

    Off to a Good start, I like the Paint. btw I sent you a pm

    I didnt get any PM :unsure:

  7. Hey, started this new build. Will be box out build with maybe some little detailing.

    I usually build lowriders and customs but this time I thought I should go with something simple to clear my mind and bring me back to the shape(havent built anything serious since last summer). Plus it was interesting to do some research about the actual car.








  8. Hey guys, I've currently started Revell's 1972 Cutlass and I did some research for it(in order to make it historically accurate).

    I've noticed some stuff wrong with the kit, correct me if I'm wrong, I live in eastern Europe and I havent got much experience with US cars(thats why I post it here, to get knowledge from you guys):

    1) It has full stripes, 442 never had full stripes and added stripes only on the hood, to differ from the Chevelles and Camaros.

    2) The regular non-Hurst version is W-30(according to decals) package and wikipedia says this:

    Other notable components of the W30 package included a lightweight aluminum intake manifold, the W25 fiberglass ram-air hood, anti-spin differential with 3.42:1 gears (3.73:1 available), and heavy duty cooling. Due to the low-vacuum at idle, air conditioning was not available, and power brakes were only available with an automatic transmission

    This kit has both air conditioning and power brakes(well instructions let you choose between automatic and manual). And kit also has 2 different rear axles, one of them seems to be the correct w30 limited slip differential, but this part is not mentioned in instructions, instead the instructions tell you to use the other regular looking axle and dont mention a single word about the other one. I think the limited slip axle should be the primary detail in this case and regular axle optional.

    3) the tires look way too high profile, but that seems to be Revell's daily problem with every kit they make. I wish the kit had bit smaller tires with white letters.

    Maybe you guys can discuss this and maybe add some more interesting facts and flaws about the kit before I start working on it.

  9. (First:sorry for my English)

    Hey guys, I just ordered myself a Revell's 72 Cutlass.

    I'm currently feeling lack of inspiration building lowriders and customs where I feel myself at home so I decided to try something different, like 72 Cutlass. So far I thought I might build it factory stock ,I havent found any custom version of 72 that would instantly stick on me, and Its been a while when I last built a factory stock car .

    Yesterday I did some research about the 72 and 71 Cutlass, I thought Saddle Bronze would be nice color. But my concern is the grille part. Someone in this forum mentioned about 71 having black grille and aluminium headlight inserts and 72 having aluminium grille with black headlight inserts.

    But searching google had me confused, there are both black and aluminium grille versions on google. So which is correct? I like the black grille much more, I'm not really fond of this robustious mesh some grilles have. I thought hell with it I will build 71 but then I saw 72 having much cooler taillights so I will stick with 72.

    This is the grille I dont really like:


    These are the ones that look cool in my opinion, but I'm not sure if they are historically correct:


    http://www.lemontcla...Cutlass 442.jpg

    Maybe someone has a close up picture of Revell's kit grille :) .

    Any other tips about Revell's 72(what i should do to make it more accurate) are welcome

  10. This is super shiny, I also wanted to build 56 Bel Air but seeing how bad detail it had I chose Del Ray kit which was awesome but unfortunately car itself(trims, roof line) is not that good looking. You managed to make it beautiful!

  11. I could really swear right now, but I dont want to get banned so I try to hold myself back

    Anyways, heres the story:

    I keep messing up the body color the more i build this car.

    I did hell of a preparation this time to prevent all this, but i dont know what the hell is going on. First the quality was perfect, but messing up everything and fixing it brings the quality down

    First the pinstripe tape peeled off paint, tried to fix it, but quality suffered bigtime


    This is the comparsion of the previous paintjob, which i didnt work so hard on primer and surface preparation, but it didnt peel anything off.


    And it has NEVER happened to me before, that a god ###### BMF peels off paint, i've only finished 3-4 trims and already these have happened:



    Whats worst of it: I sold previous body because I was not happy with roof paintjob, but overall body quality was pretty ###### good. Now I managed to make a perfect quality paintjob(i will show it in few weeks maybe) but body quality gets worse and worse every day. Makes me wanna smash the whole thing to pieces and build a new one, but I have no time for that because model car show is 2 weeks away.

  12. I freakin hate it when tape pulls some paint off. Everything was perfect but the tape had to screw up. mad.gif I dont know what to do anymore, fixing with brush didint work out as you can see from pictures and I just dont want to start all over with primer and stuff.



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