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  1. I'm actually selling the body to one dude because I'm not happy with the paintjob and overall quality. He'll give me a new body so I can try something different.
  2. Some progress 8) Got the body polished Got myself a TPI injection from AMT Firebird kit. Took hell of a work to get it fit, not to mention the struggle with fitting the distributor between injection and manifold Scratchbuilt the air filter
  3. I would take the cheapest dual action gravity feed 0.3-0.5mm airbrush I could find on ebay. like this: http://www.ebay.com/...=item35b7d50148 Trust me, they are well worth the money and unless you want to paint some microscopic murals they will cover every need in model building. The money you will save from that 200$ limit you can invest in decent air compressor equipment. I've used them and I cant complain, they can even pull out some decent paintjobs...
  4. Yeah I've been building model kits for a while and now I'm kinda busy person(university) so i took my favorite kit and I thought I would make it as awesome as possible. I also told myself that the goal is not to get it finished in certain time, the goal will be ultimate detail and clean work(for my standards) so maybe it takes 5 years to complete this kit
  5. That wouldnt be a problem for me since I'm gonna use it on a lowrider build . I'll make the system tight enough so I can raise the car up and down manually and the tightness of some components will handle the body weight.
  6. Thanks guys! I dont actually have it for a long time now, the clear coat had some mysterious reaction over time and some serious "cracks" appeared in clearcoat all over the body.
  7. Thank you very much for the advice! I'll see what I can do.
  8. Wow thanks thats exactly what I was looking for! One question: how did you attatch the hinges to the frame, they seem to be so tiny that need quite a structure to be .... uhm.... (excuse my english, not my home language)......strong enough that wont come off after few movements? Especially the first two pictures, they're similar to the 64 impala
  9. I was just wondering if someone has done something like that, maybe I'll get some good ideas. But I guess I have to improvise.
  10. Okay, I'm currently working on the Revell's 64 Impala and I was thinking about making the suspension work, but I'm kinda out of ideas how to do it for front suspension. The kit has separate frame and upper/lower A-arms. Well thats where my main problem is, springs and other stuff should be piece of cake but I'm struggling how to join the A-arms to the frame that arms could move up and down + no losing in detail + some strenght to handle the movement and not break every time. I figured it kinda hard to make them exactly like 1:1 chevy A-arms work in such a small scale. Anyone has ever done something like that? Would like some reference pictures.
  11. Nice work bro, love to see some of the Jev's resin clips in build! I'm a lowrider fan myself (Siim123 in layitlow)
  12. Lol, I'm not religious so i dunno how it happened Thanks for support guys
  13. Has some orange peel in clearcoat but i'll polish that out later.
  14. No, roof only, I kinda like the style where whole body is simple and classy and roof is fully patterned.
  15. Still have been too busy and no clearcoat Thanks for support tho
  16. And its not all, I foil all the emblems and stuff too . + Blackwashing and tons of other stuff, so it will be a while before I can clear the dam thing
  17. There is no hurry . Still need to foil it first.
  18. A little step by step for another pattern My paintjob is completed But I wont show it bigger before I get the clear coat on.
  19. Nope, just rip off the tape and start another one. Sometimes it pulls off the previous paint but it doesnt happen very often if you have good tape and good paint.
  20. Yeah I was wondering the same thing how big I should do the droplets, but I decided to make big ones because if they were smaller, you could only see some black dots and you wouldnt understand if they were droplets or not.
  21. Got some more work done First pattern for today, something simple: Second pattern, with waterdrop effect Put some waterdrops on the paint And paint it some enamel black on them in very sharp angle. Didnt turn out very good but I tried this first time in my life so not too bad. Let the water dry up(in my case in sunshine) After water dried up, it looked like this And added some shades
  22. Thats right, I usually put the tape between the blades instead of styrene to bend the sharp edge of blade more closer so I can make more thinner line.
  23. Got some painting done today, still a lot of work to do tho. Pictures after the first one are done with old phone so sorry about blurry stuff.
  24. Thanks Got something done today, but its not completed yet, still lot of tape to lay down.
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