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  1. Hi Chris, This is VERY inspiring !!! Wonderful work on all the cool details. Is this out of box or are you adding detail? Really looking forward to more updates. Randy
  2. This one....Mad Mike 3D print...
  3. I checked already Rex, should fit like a glove
  4. But all my complaining aside I will build it! I'm thinking that a replacement motor can be sourced. Transaxle just needs a little love:) Randy
  5. Next were the seats which do not have any groments cast in, just a hole with a peg in it. The paint masks are not die cut, you need to cut them out. The decals are separated at every panel line???? Don't know if that is good or bad! Randy
  6. Hi Folks, I could not wait to get one of these Big fan of Meng kits and the GT40!!! As Rex posted above, this looks like a Mk 2 GT40. The parts are crisply molded. Meng's engineering is always great. You can basically press fit this model together. For me, there were some areas that disappointed. The engine has some parts that are just flat out unacceptable in this day an age.
  7. I feel your pain Josh, I got the driveway shoveled out just in time for the blizzard:( That is my daily driver there at the curb. Nothing wrong with my camera, it's the snow going by sideways at 25 MPH.
  8. Lots of really cool seats in stock... Clearly Scale wire is back at a great price..99 cents for 5 feet
  9. Hi Folks, https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/detail-parts/clearly-scale The latest batch of goodies from Clearly Scale has arrived. The quality is just outstanding. Jeremy continues to regrow his product line plus adding new items..... Two new accessory packs... The Mopar 528 Hemi is back with a new transmission and reworked headers The ZF Transaxle , perfect for those Pantera builds is in stock....
  10. Mike, My link got buried in the pics, sorry about that..... https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/engine-kits Randy
  11. Hi Folks, A package of goodies has arrived from Germany. Mad Mike usually prints something that makes me go WOW and this batch is no exception. Check out the shift linkage/shifter that is with the SBC with Blower motor. This kind of scale detail is where 3D printing really excels. The Small block Chevy in both 1/24th & 1/25th scales and a new BBC with transaxle for the McEagle CanAm racer are the 2 latest kits available now. https://www
  12. Hi Guys, My 2 cents.....1: 1 Porsche is a 1955... kit instructions say car was modeled as a late 55-56 Obviously not a scientific comparison but wanted to see how it looked. That dashboard insert thingy is a bit of a bummer...
  13. All that is left is one GT40 Mk 2. Thank you, Randy
  14. The GT40 MK 1 is traded 2 left of the GT40 MK 2's and 2 left of the 330 P4s Thank you for your interest. Randy
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