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  1. Didn't they send you, Baby, and Otis to jail??
  2. Is it white, pearl white, or blue-green? Your help is appreciated.
  3. I agree Bob. I'm improving with each new build. I never worry about achieving perfection, I build mainly to please myself. Any nice words from fellow builders is just a bonus!
  4. Jim is correct - the kit had some extra parts that must go to one of the Emhar Mk1-4 tanks. I decided to place it for some visual interest and to make it look like a damaged panel on the field.
  5. Thanks Jim! I love WWI kits the most. Those early tanks were wild - some were just basically a metal geometrical shape on tracks and yet, I can appreciate them because those innovations were what led to the incredibly advanced armor that we have now. That's also why I like 70's F1 cars the most. It was a "Let's put this on the car and see what works" mentality, and it made for some wild and beautiful cars. Come on, a six wheeler? Great stuff!!!
  6. I have really grown to love military modeling lately and I particularly like the weathering process. This was my first attempt at a larger scale weathering/diorama scene and I'm happy with the results. The kit is an old Emhar kit and it is not quite up to snuff when compared to today's kits, but I do think it builds into a nice replica.
  7. If anyone is interested, the kits were painted with Model Master Hugger Orange lacquer spray. When I decided to use it, I didn't even realize that it's a Chevy color, I thought it was a Mopar color, but didn't care either way. I had two cans that were degrading a bit at the bottom (this seems to be an issue with some MM lacquer cans) and when I realized they were still usable, I figured this was a good opportunity to empty them out!
  8. Espo, holy c*** you are so right. You need the patience of a saint to build them. I used a lot of Evergreen Canopy Glue on those parts and it really worked great. Now that the midget is on the trailer, it will stay there. It's best not to handle it for fear of things coming off. The Canopy Glue also worked perfectly for attaching the photoetch parts for the steering wheel and gauges.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I am actually quite proud of this build. The SSR seemed like a perfect option because it has that retro styling without being one of the expected kits that Revell suggested pairing the midget kits with. And I second Don Relyea, I'd love to see these kits come back!!
  10. Both of these are Revell kits. Just a great, fun build all around!
  11. Wow, these pics are huge. I don't know how to make them smaller. You get some up close views of my flaws (that are hardly noticeable otherwise). Anyway, this was a fun modification!
  12. Roberto - I was able to find the Revell Don Prudhomme "Wynn's Winder" kit for $27 with free shipping - it was missing tires and the exhaust pipes are broken on one side (but can be easily fixed), so the seller was unloading it cheap!
  13. I'll settle for anything that's close to what came with the kit!
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