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  1. Many thanks for your comment. By the way: some really nice projects here
  2. Here ist some Update: Thought i might use chassis and interior of the GT500. Wheelbase ist equal....just lot of cutting, but better suspension of course. Not sure about the wheels... 21 might be a bit much
  3. Hey together, To get myself back into modelling and stop only collecting and to prevent my friend Rico stopps supporting me with modelling items, I like to enter with this RTR inspired 69 Mustang using some GT500 parts. What do you think?
  4. BJ Modellbau made these. I Just googled them and found out they shut down their business by end of last year
  5. This is becoming really outstanding
  6. Over here in Europa they are not that rare. Just of anyone is in need ?
  7. The 1:1 looks simply awesome and the small brother obviously will too
  8. this will indeed be an interesting build again. I have one of these rare kits too, unfortunately one without hat cool roofrack. Will you use yours?
  9. It's more that I can't really load the site....connection kind of brakes down
  10. That's some great news. I also might get one of the reissued Kits to donor it. Anyone else with Problems regarding the Website of sefinecast.Co.Uk?
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