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  1. Started with the stock kit added some detail and powerslide decals.
  2. Ready for clear last one before I put it on the finished page
  3. Painted and ready for decals.
  4. Chassis is finished, body is primed needs wet sanded and paint.
  5. I use white medical tape cut into strips and painted with satin black.
  6. Almost finished with the chassis.
  7. I agree but you are correct once the air cleaner is on you don't see it.
  8. Rear-end in and the brake lines ran.
  9. Its rustoleum apple red over grey base coat.
  10. My next project is Dale Earnhardt's lumina started by cutting the molded roll bar padding off and adding my own.
  11. This is Dale Earnhardt's lumina it's pointing to the back.
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