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  1. You might wanna check for a cracked intake manifold, that's about the only problem we had over the years, also with the possible front end being whacked too many times. May need some suspension goodies... Jeff
  2. I think it looks great! You did a great job closing up the door panel gaps...kuddos! Jeff
  3. Very nice!! Makes me miss my 90' IROC.... Jeff
  4. All you have to really address is the wheel well lip...I have all 3 releases, and as Rich said, this is leaps and bounds the best... Jeff
  5. I had an 84' GT convertible....still miss it....may buy one again in the future.....nice work so far! Jeff
  6. Nice! Looks like one of the pics I took and are online from Orlando in 02' when they were new. Gonna build one myself someday, just wish someone made the correct wheels. Jeff
  7. Looks the part!! Can't go wrong with that kit ever, great work!! Jeff
  8. Very nice car, I've been issued a few in my career, but its not that fast. My LT1 Caprices and Chargers were way faster. It just won the award for being most sinister looking...very lucky to get away with no tickets. I wouldn't worry about the mail, you have to be issued the big tickets in person and sign the bond, so I think you lucked out... Jeff
  9. Love it!! Details? Thanks. Jeff
  10. jefropas

    '39 ZR1

    That is a work of art! ? Jeff
  11. Very nice!! Some of the NYSP Camaros back in the mid 90's were black. I wanna say they were mostly on the thruway. I want to do the same project, just in the prior gen's Camaro.... Jeff
  12. Love it! What a great idea.... Jeff
  13. If you have the money you can get the 76' Camaro. Big bucks...we had one too, lemon yellow.... Jeff
  14. I like it!!! Great work! Jeff
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