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  1. Wow Joe, that’s nice, I love WW2 aircraft and I have never built one. It inspires me though.
  2. So Joe, the NHRA has sold Atlanta Dragway, and this weekend is the last race there. I went today and I found this in the pits and took some shots for you.
  3. I love kit-bashing, great work Mike!
  4. I located this set and the center cap look more like yours, they measure smaller than the first set, but they have axle stubs. They measured .059 in diameter.
  5. I have these.......they look deeper than yours. There yours if you want them.
  6. Looking good Dan, I’m glad you’re back!
  7. Thank you Thomas! There are some great people on this forum, and your one of them! Very appreciated
  8. Just like the title says, I need a left front fender from the AMT 37 Chevy coupe, painted, unpainted. Have lots to trade, I’ve been modeling and collecting since 84. Thanks
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