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  1. Thanks Ace, my chrome trim isn’t as sharp as it could be some of my paint details are shaky. I really appreciate those old Modified cars myself, I miss how drag racing used to be.
  2. Thank for the tip and I wish I had now. I had tried scratch building the headers and l had holes in the cylinder heads, but after the motor was glued in it was too late to pin them, you learn something on every build.
  3. I love it, great work. Very cool subject not at all boring to me! Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Great idea, well executed, looks great!
  5. My first finished project this year. It took so much longer than I thought it would. The headers gave me fits, the kits left header refuses to stayed glued to the motor, and the rear bumper falls off if you just look at it. I ran outside and photographed it while everything was hanging on still. As is becoming my trademark no fuel lines , though I have carburetor linkage and spark plug wires. I haven’t built this kit in over 50 years, and I found a couple of issues I had to work around but nothing major. I seemed to have lost a little of my skills since COVID. But I’m still get
  6. Small update doing some final assembly, age the turquoise to the body side molding
  7. That’s beautiful
  8. I love it, great stance, I love the low buck steel wheels. Very well done!
  9. I’m watching Snake, I love Kit bashing and saving tired old plastic too!
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