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  1. Thank you guys. I compared the bodies of 5 of the same kit and 2 were bad. The others were perfect. But I took a lesson from my friend Mark about resin warp in mfh kits. Did what he said and my body now is fixed, Boiled water and put the parts in for only 30 seconds , took out the part and massaged the part to shape. With gloves on of course. I was a little worried about this. Had a problem with my resin cobra frame. Was a twist . Boiled water and did the same thing. Left the frame in a little longer because it was thick. Well now going to sort out the white metal mess.
  2. Thank you guys. Yes Bainford this is troublesome. I wish mfh would package their kits better. Very nervous about the twist on the body parts.
  3. Well , not a great start. The deck lid is really warped and so is the front end. Sorting out the white metal and going to fix these problems before I start to build the engine. I like sports cars but really not interested in Porsche. They were funny and beetle like. Saw the 917/30 race at laguna when I was in high school. I liked that one but the 911 stuff not so much. I’ll be building this and definitely learning.
  4. Oh yes he is really generous. I, Steve H , Mark and Chris Smith are receiving one. Going to be a group build. He knows Mr Hiro and traded many thousands of dollars of models from Mr Hiro. So he had a chance to get these for just a little compared to retail. So he gave us all one and here we go.
  5. A model factory hiro 1/12 Porsche 935/78. ( Moby Dick) going to sort out the parts and going to start on the engine. My friend Mark dropped this over and we are going to start a groupe build. I , Steve H, Chris Smith and Mark have one and we’re going to start building. Thank you Mark for the kit. All of us received a kit from him. A very generous person and very gifted model builder. The Porsche 917/30 is going have to wait again.
  6. My buddy Mark just brought me a 911 Moby dick kit. Chris Smith , I , Mark and Steve received one. He made a deal with Mr. Hiro and gave each one of us a kit. 1/12 martini 911 . Might have to put away the 917/30 to do this.
  7. Anyone heard of 3DBot racing? Stumbled on it on you tube. Kind of cool
  8. Beautiful build! I love hot rods. Build them anyway you like. This is a very great build, color , stance , interior and that offy! Great job sir. This belongs on the cover of rodders journal.
  9. Looks pretty great to me! Great job!
  10. It’s a model? Great job
  11. Boy this is a personal choice that is all over the place. And all are great in their application. Depends on what kind of paint I use. I do like the citadel primers. And I use the sem and Kent automotive primers. All are expensive but produce great results. Like anything else it’s your skill and comfort zone. I do not like model paint for car bodies because I do not like to wait days for things to dry. But this is my thing and may not be suitable for others. I used Kent primers on this body, and things worked out well.
  12. Thank you Ralph
  13. Looks like your cobra is comming out nicely! Watching your boss build also. Just bought that kit. The kit seems pretty good to me. The interior needs a little work but the rest seams pretty good.
  14. Cool topic. I learned to drive a 1962 ford falcon 4 door. 3 on the tree and a 170 cu in 6. It was beige in color and it was fun to drive. My dads car for going to work. This was 1973. He would not let me drive the 455 olds. It was off limits until I proved to him I was somewhat responsible. Had to tune it up, oil change and gas. Had to pay for that and insurance. I saved up since 10 to buy my 1st car which was a 1970 Mach 1 later that year. Another story altogether. Loved that falcon.
  15. Hello Ray and thank you. The pitts is a resin model in 1/32 scale by fisher models. But he lived in California where the fires were and wiped out his stock and molds for all of his models. Very sad. He did racing car models of mostly sports cars. First plane I did and it was really fun. Resin , brass, white metal, with a vacuum formed canopy. PE also. Thank you sir
  16. I’m all over the map. I’m like that with my real cars also. Have a jeep, Ford Mustang, corvette, Toyota Sequoia and Honda Civic. Just some “all over the map builds”
  17. Wow, you did great on a tough kit. The front end is very nice ! Great job!!!
  18. It’s ok , just bought a hrm Daytona coupe
  19. I have a 1/12 tamiya Porsche 910 gold box if interested
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