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  1. This dragster is going to sparkle with this color Mike. Nicely done.
  2. Here's a couple more pictures I found. Right truck cab but I like the Pontiac bed better. May need to fabricate the wrecker are out of brass, we'll see.
  3. Well, I've started a new project. I know, those that know me are saying but you've got some many yet to complete. Ha, all in due time. Soe are waiting on decals, others (most of them) are waiting on motivation. A couple of years ago I bought a resin COE cab and finally found a few interesting photos to inspire me to build this. I don't know much about COEs and have no idea what I'm going to do about the interior. I also am lacking on knowledge of mid-centruy wrecker mechanics and mechanisms. I'l figure that out as I get closer to the rear. This picture piqued my interest first although it
  4. Nicely done Mike. I especially like the bending tool. Where did you find that?
  5. Outstanding fit Ian. I'm sure this was a tedious task but you've mastered it.
  6. Just found this lil' brother and is it ever so sweeet. I have long-distance plans for a 1/16th scale Jungle Vega and I just found my reference pictures thanks to you.
  7. Mike - this is looking so mean already. I truly admire you guys who do all of this brass work and make it look easy. I know its not. I've done a few things in soldered brass so know what's involved. Kudos.
  8. Hi Dave and welcome back to the bench. I have the SnakePit file but I can't attach a .pdf on this forum. I'll try to get it to you through a PM. On edit: it won't attach there either. Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send it that way.
  9. Your work on that body is stellar and I congratulate you on your perseverance and diligence. I also love your use of the Cragar SS rims through all of your changes, they have remained.
  10. Top notch work there Mike. Always love seeing brass FED chassis made and yours are right up there with the best.
  11. MicroMark and others offer a non-flammable piece of material similar to a ceiling tile (but smaller of course) for soldering on. You can use straight pins to hold your brass material in place. Its an easy to use system that takes very little time to set up. I purchased some 'T' handle straight pin for this as they as thicker and easier to hold.
  12. Merry Christmas Paul. You're making great progress and I've seen some pictures of the wheels you made. I need to get a set or two of those. Doing all of this in a fifth wheel must be interesting.
  13. I forgot to add everyone's response to this gift and how it is boxed up since you really can't pick it up by the cab for fear of knocking the snow off. Everyone loved it and had lots of questions. My daughter and son-in-law Dave gave me a hug and thanked me profusely. Dave took pictures of it and sent to his parents since they of course have the same last name. I built a cradle for the truck and found the appropriate sized box with a drop down lid. The truck is lifted and positioned with the cradle, then slid out from underneath when in the right display spot. This should last for years.
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