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  1. Thanks Scott I was figuring it had been done and figured a stiffer rear spring and the V8 it might be OK I figure with the Camper over all 4 wheels it might even be bettr than a conventional pickup
  2. Thanks guys The more I think about it the more I like the Camper on it lol I do wish there was a Ford version available too
  3. Just finished up this Box stock Build of the Dodge A100 Aside from the doors this truck went together fairly easy.. Last pic with the camper looks right just dunno if its possible lol
  4. This Datsun was a Simple freshen up. Bought it as a built up tore it down freshened it up and swapped on a Stake Bed
  5. Finished up this 65 Mustang. It's built box stock and as close to factory as I could out of the box except for the paint. Don't remember what the red is since it's been painted over a year.
  6. Thanks Guys Lee is right its the Revell kit Scalper yours looks pretty good too Mines just Testors red heres the only pics I really have of the shop Based it somewhat after this shop
  7. Built this 57 pretty much Stock. It was gonna be black but decided that wasn't lookin right and went red. Kit went together real easy only issues I had were the instructions not having the right colors and stock pics being hard to find
  8. no issue here with photobucket Matter of a Fact I just not 5 minutes ago took pics and uploaded them to PB from my phone and then got here on my puter and posted them to this board
  9. Heres My 29 RPU I thought I had posted this truck but a little search Shows I never took finished pics. That's why you my see some dust in these cause it's been done a while. I started with an old derelict Blue Beetle Kit. Knocked it apart Did some channeling and put it back together with wheels from the Revell Merc. I think the Exhaust Manifolds are also from that Merc too.
  10. this 62 Bel Air was a simple repaint and rebuild. This car was badly damaged by engine enamel. The paint and glass was ruined. Cleaned it up resprayed it back to its original Honduras Maroon. Replaced the glass and got it back together before after
  11. Thanks guys Chris its a basic old style Amt chassis
  12. Here’s a quick build I threw together. It’s the AMT 69 Torino Cobra . Sprayed it in Honduras Maroon … I know a GM color but I think it looks good. Built it pretty much box stock with the exception of the wheels and breather
  13. This is Diecast 04 E series van. Was a simple Pull down and respray. except it took over a year lol. Van was sprayed last year sometime but I was never too happy with it since it had a few bad spots. Well looking at it yesterday I decided it looked pretty good for a work van. I pulled out a Sharpie and got at it. Used as Sharpie so I don't have too much in it if I ever decide to respray it.
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